5 reasons to buy a riser recliner chair

We always reference riser recliner (also known as rise and recline or lift and recline) chairs, and our showroom is full of them. They’re a simple, easy way to help people get about their day-to-day lives with ease and independence. Not only do they offer extreme comfort, but they also promote better posture and circulation, which are both key things in later life.

But a lot of people may not know exactly what a riser recliner chair does and how it’s beneficial to them. So here are 5 reasons to buy a riser recliner chair.

1. They help you stand up and sit down

Riser and recliner chairs have the ability to help you get on and off your feet in a safe, supported manner. From the simple touch of a button, you could be ascending to a standing position without having to exert too much effort. This is a great feature for someone who might struggle to get out of their chair or be more at risk from falls when standing up. A riser recliner chair will extend forwards and upwards to facilitate a steady, smooth, standing action.

A riser recliner chair in a risen position

As you can guess from the name, riser recliner chairs help people get to a standing position.

Similarly, this action can be used to help you sit down in a much more stable, controlled fashion. From the fully extended position, a riser recliner chair can help to guide you down to a seated position without you having to worry about plonking yourself down in the chair and hurting your posterior or your lower back. This is a much simpler way to make sure that you’re seated comfortably without putting too much stress on your legs to lower yourself down gently.

2. Keep your feet up

Of course, another benefit of a riser recliner chair is the ability to lay back and put your feet up! The extending legrest can lift your feet off the ground and have you laid back in no time. However, this isn’t purely for relaxation. If you spend a lot of time seated, it can actually be detrimental to your health. By elevating the legs, you can promote better circulation. This will help to prevent further unnecessary health problems.

A riser recliner reclined with the feet up and backrest back

These chairs also recline to raise the legs and tilt the backrest backwards for ultimate comfort.

Elevating the legs helps to promote good circulation around the body, therefore preventing further health problems that may be accelerated when you’re sat for a long period of time. This will also help to relieve swelling in the lower legs, making you more comfortable for longer.

3. Help to reduce back pain

The flexible positioning of a riser recliner chair helps to alleviate any pre-existing back pains. The recline action means that you can benefit from a more supportive position, which will ease any back pain you already have. Some riser recliner chairs can be positioned almost completely flat, making it a bit more comfortable if you want to have a quick snooze in your chair – however, we don’t recommend sleeping in them for long periods of time.

4. Better postural control

Riser recliner chairs will also help with postural control, ensuring that you don’t do yourself any harm when sat in them for longer periods of time. They are designed and manufactured to provide excellent comfort and support over a long period of time, so they will almost certainly include features that will prevent postural deterioration and possible spinal deformities.

A riser recliner chair reclined back with the feet elevated and lateral supports stopping the person from slumping to one side or the other

Riser recliner chairs are designed to provide better postural positioning, and lateral support can help the user keep a healthy spinal alignment.

Many riser recliner chairs will feature some sort of tilt-in-space function. This allows you to tilt backwards and elevate your legs, therefore redistributing your weight through more of the surface of the chair. This takes a lot of pressure off your spine and neck to allow them to rest in a natural, healthy position.

5. Pressure redistribution

When you spend a lot of time sat down, one of the main risks you might face are pressure injuries or at the very least, discomfort. This occurs when you sit for long periods of time every day and don’t reposition yourself much. The build-up of pressure on your posterior, back, and even your elbows and ankles can lead to serious injuries that can be quite difficult to deal with.

A riser recliner can help to combat this by providing you with easier methods of repositioning. Just by leaning back and lifting your legs up, you’re taking the pressure off these vulnerable areas, so you don’t have to worry as much about pressure ulcers from forming if you’re sat down for a while. Riser recliners also make it much easier to simply reposition yourself, keeping you comfortable and supported for longer.

These are 5 reasons to buy a riser recliner chair, but there are literally hundreds of reasons why they’re beneficial. If you’re still undecided or you want to try out some chairs first, why not get in touch with us and arrange a free no-obligation seating assessment? We’ll take a look at the ways you could benefit from a chair, and we’ll explain your options so you have a better understanding of our seating range. Or you can download a free copy of our seating assessment eBook that covers specifying rise and recline chairs.

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  1. Gordon Hulbert says:

    A comment from one of the assessors…I would just like to add a reminder to all as to the importance of getting the right dimensions for a riser recliner – in particular the depth of a chair. I have been to countless situations where someone is not getting the support for the spine because the chair seat is too deep for them (front to back measurement). Often cushions are used to try and improve the situation. Whilst there is benefit from this it does not solve the problem completely as there needs to be good lumbar support so that the pelvis is in the correct position.

    How important it is for those of us who are vertically challenged to have the right size chair!!

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