A Guide to Hiring Care Equipment

People often need care and mobility equipment as a temporary solution, which is precisely why we offer a hire service. Whether you’ve broken a leg and need a wheelchair for hire, or you’re caring for a loved one who’s bed-bound for a while, or simply if you’re going on holiday, you can rent care equipment that will suit your needs.

At Yorkshire Care, we find that this is one of the busiest times of year for us with people hiring out our equipment. That’s because people are going on holiday and visiting the lovely Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and even further.

We can rent equipment all across the North, giving tourists the ability to enjoy their holidays and relax with no stress about accessibility and mobility.

What care equipment do we rent out?

To be honest, it might be easier to ask what equipment we don’t offer to hire! We rent out:

And there are still more! We hire out all kinds of equipment, and if there’s anything that you’re looking to hire that isn’t listed on our website, then get in touch because we’re likely to have it anyway.

Wheelchairs for hire

We hire out a range of different wheelchairs to suit people with all kinds of injuries and needs. We offer self-propelled wheelchairs (with bigger wheels so you can push yourself) or transit wheelchairs (with smaller wheels so someone else can push the chair).

A couple of wheelchairs available for hire

Here you can see a self-propelled and a transit wheelchair.

Our hire wheelchairs can also be supplied with left or right elevating legrests, which are ideal for people who have a broken leg or need it keeping in a raised position. We also supply cushions with our wheelchairs as standard, keeping you comfy when using them.

How much is it to hire care equipment?

The cost of hiring varies greatly on what it is you’re renting and for how long. Generally speaking, we offer our products for a day, a weekend, a week, or a month with charges changing accordingly.

We usually can supply hire products without taking a deposit (we like to trust our customers!). However, we would ask for any damages to be reimbursed, although this is a very rare occurrence that this would happen anyway.

For a full list of guide costs on our hire stock, take a look at our hire page.

How does hiring equipment work?

This is a question we get asked a lot – particularly with people who are venturing to Yorkshire for their holidays or a weekend away. You can pop into our showroom to book, or if you can’t get in, just give us a call and we can arrange everything over the phone, so we can make arrangements to make it as easy as possible for you.

Particularly with holiday-goers, we can arrange delivery and pick-up of your items so that it’s always there when you need it. Whether you’re caravanning at our local Rudding Park, or you’re booked into a B&B in Whitby, we can make sure that your hired item is there when you arrive, giving you the chance to get out and about and enjoy everything that Yorkshire has to offer from the get-go.

All hire is subject to our terms and conditions of hire – you can find more information on that here.

Do I need a license or insurance to hire out a mobility scooter?

In short, you don’t need either of these things if you hire a scooter – even a class 3 model. You also don’t need to pay any sort of road tax.

Although you don’t legally need insurance, we always recommend getting some anyway just to cover yourself. We can provide insurance when hiring out scooters, so feel free to ask for more information.

A mobility scooter for hire in a shop

Mobility scooters don’t need a license or insurance, we always suggest you look at insurance anyway.

Delivery charges for hire equipment

Our delivery and collection charges vary depending on the distance of your location from our showroom. Here is a breakdown of costs by distance:

Band 1 (up to 24 miles from us) £30
Band 2 (24-42 miles from us) £50
Band 3 (42-60 miles) £70
Band 4 (Up to 75 miles from us) £90


We’re very flexible when it comes to hiring out equipment and we’re more than happy to go the extra mile to make sure that you have everything you could possibly need whenever you need it. So if you have any questions about mobility equipment for hire, costs, or delivery, then please get in touch.

For a more detailed price and to see exactly what we hire out, take a look at our hire section.

Lucie Hudson
Lucie Hudson

Lucie is our Marketing Manager, meaning she coordinates and writes some of our blogs, magazine articles, and brochures amongst many other resources. She also takes care of all our social media profiles, so feel free to send her any blog ideas you have!

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