The Best Chairs for People with Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition that makes the spine twist and curve to the side (making the spine appear C- or S-shaped). Although it cannot be ‘cured’ or ‘fixed’, it can be improved with treatment.

People with more severe scoliosis may need a specialised chair, and finding the most suitable chair can help improve your posture and therefore improve your scoliosis and spinal positioning. We generally abide by the rule that people who are hoisted will need a care chair, whereas more mobile people should look for a rise and recline chair.

If you require specialist seating urgently for someone with Scoliosis, please get in touch. We are still able to take orders and arrange delivery.

You can book a video assessment or contact our specialist team directly for assistance.

The Correct Seat

The first step in improving scoliosis through seat positioning is making sure the seat is right for your client. Their pelvis should be positioned correctly for the chair to have the best effect on their spine.

Their hips should land centrally, and to the back of the chair for the best positioning. These characteristics are included in most good quality care chairs, but it’s always worth checking before you look at anything else.

Fixed or Loose Lateral Supports

Lateral supports are paramount to helping improve posture. By including these in the chair, you can help to counter-support both sides of your client and aim to alleviate the twist and bending that scoliosis causes.

Lateral supports will help to keep your trunk straighter and prevent you from slumping sideways. These lateral supports should be placed accordingly (often with the help of an occupational therapist) and they’ll probably be situated in different positions on the body to best suit your client.

A Lento care chair, with lateral and head supports outlined in green, is ideal for scoliosis patients.

Here you can see the lateral supports and head supports included on the Lento highlighted in green.

It’s more common to have loose/removable lateral supports in chairs for people with scoliosis, as it allows the carer or the individual to reposition the support accordingly. However, it is possible to have built-in/fixed supports, but it depends on the person’s needs.

Neck and Head Positioning

Moving up the body, neck and head supports are also good to include in chairs for people with scoliosis. This again will help to stop you from slumping sideways, and therefore minimise any possibility of worsening your scoliosis.

The neck and lateral supports will help to facilitate a best-as-possible neutral midline from the head right down to the pelvis, and there should be no severe neck flexion.

Tilt-in-space helps to maintain good head positioning. By tilting the chair back, this allows gravity to aid in the prevention of neck flexion.

Tilt-in-space also helps to combat any pressure build-ups and provide pressure relief for people who spend a lot of time seated. The Lento Care Chair or  Duo Care Chair would be ideal for scoliotic spines. Both include lateral, neck, and head supports, as well as tilt-in-space.

The Lento Care Chair and the Duo are highly-adjustable to suit people with varying levels of scoliosis.

What do we recommend?

The main two chairs that we would recommend are the Lento or Duo.  These are both well-equipped chairs that offer all of the above-mentioned features.

However, our biggest recommendation is a seating assessment with an OT or a chair specialist to help determine exactly what it is the individual needs.

We hope that this guide will help to clarify what should be considered in chairs for scoliosis sufferers. For information on seating and other medical conditions, look here.

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  1. Gordon Hulbert says:

    As one of the assessors at Yorkshire Care Equipment I think it is crucial to give the correct support at the bottom of the spine (lumbar region). Furthermore it is important to know what is a fixed deformity and to what degree. This can sometimes only be ascertained by seeing the client when in a prone position.

  2. Chane Egidi says:


    Which shop could you recommend as I am a scoliosis sufferer & find it painful to sit on our sofas. I desperately need to find a suitable chair to sit on, also I am pregnant & would like to find something before baby arrives so that I could sit comfortably & feed etc. I hope you can advise on a shop, I am in Havant, Hampshire

    1. Tristan Hulbert says:

      Hello Chane, many thanks for your comment! I’ll send you an email to help with your enquiry.
      Kind regards

  3. Kate Faulkner says:

    Hi my mum is 83 and cant get comfy. She is in a resi care home in Ruddington, near Nottingham. She is struggling mobility wise to get up/out of a chair (and bed) due to scoliosis and getting cellulitis. Just interested to see if you can help.

    1. Leanne Godfrey says:

      Hi Kate,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We’ve got a range of seating options designed to support scoliosis, and we’re able to supply stand aids and other equipment to help with standing. So this definitely sounds like we can help.

      I’ve asked one of my colleagues to contact you. They will be able to discuss all the different options and help you to find the best solution for your mum.

      Kind Regards,

  4. lynell messineo says:

    Hello Katie,

    could you provide locations in California?
    where can I purchase a chair and mattress to help my father with this diagnosis? He live’s in big bear California.
    But he ofter drives down the mountain for visits and into Sherman oaks, california….the Valley..

    Thank you for your time,

    lynell M

    1. Leanne Godfrey says:

      Hi Lynell,

      Thank you for your comment.

      The Lento care chair is a great option for someone with scoliosis and we may be able to supply one to California.

      I’ve asked one of my colleagues to get in touch and see if this chair would suit your father.

      Kind Regards,


  5. Cris says:

    I’m wanting some advice for a office chair been looking at scoliosis chairs fir work & finding it all overwhelming. Doesn’t seem to be somewhere to try or see first?

    1. Tristan Hulbert says:

      Hello Cris, thanks for your enquiry! I’ve asked one of our team to get in touch, as we have plenty of scoliosis chairs in stock and available to try/see first.
      thanks again,

  6. Norah Rogers says:

    I am looking for chair for my 90 year old mother that has severe scoliosis. She cannot sit on a normal couch or anything to soft. She needs something with lumbar support. We live in South Carolina, USA. Looking for some advice.

    1. Leanne Godfrey says:

      Hello Norah,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We certainly should be able to help with advice. I’ve asked one of my colleagues to contact you. They will be able to discuss your mother’s requirements and see if any of the chairs we ship to the USA would be suitable.

      All the best,


  7. Paula Sykes says:

    Hi. My mother is 83 and has mild scoliosis. I am looking for a comfortable power lift chair to help her achieve that comfort. Are you able to ship to Pennsylvania?

    1. Tristan Hulbert says:

      Hello Paula, many thanks for your comment.

      We certainly should be able to help with advice. I’ve asked one of my colleagues to contact you, they will be able to discuss your mother’s requirements and see if any of the chairs we ship to the USA would be suitable.

      Best regards

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