Different Ways to get Mobility Scooters into Cars

Summer is a great time to get your scooter out and enjoy the great outdoors; particularly the sights of our beautiful Yorkshire Dales! Unless you’re exploring your local area, you’ll probably need to pop your scooter in the boot of the car to get it around. Scooters can be pretty heavy to try and lift into the boot, so we’ve thought of a few useful things that will help you with getting mobility scooters into cars.

1) Folding Scooters

Folding scooters, sometimes referred to as ‘boot scooters’, are models that can be split down and disassembled to fit more compactly into the back of the car. There are a range of different boot scooters available, boasting different features like battery size, speed, and weight. This is a particularly easy way of getting mobility scooters into cars.

A disassembled folding Apex Rapid that is ideal for getting mobility scooters into cars

Folding scooters are easier to get in and out of the car because of their compact design and size.

One of our most popular models is the Apex Rapid. It’s one of the few boots scooters on the market that boasts suspension as well as compact structure. The Liberty Vogue is another option that offers all-around suspension, as well as the ability to be packed away in the boot of the car. But if you’re looking for something more heavy duty with a better travel range, then the Sapphire 2 is one of a few mid-sized models that can disassemble to fit into the car.

2) Ramps

However, if you have a larger vehicle and your scooter doesn’t pack down, then a ramp may be the way forward. We’ve got a few options that have been designed specifically to provide a stable, smooth bridge between the ground and the boot of the car. The Aerolight Lifestyle ramp is a folding model that can be laid out and put away when no longer needed. It’s also full-width to give you complete peace of mind when moving the scooter into the car.

A ramp leading up into the boot of a 4x4 car

Ramps provide a safe, easy way of getting mobility scooters into cars.

But if you’re looking for something perhaps a bit smaller, the Perfolight Telescopic ramp is the ideal option. This ramp is telescopic so that it can be pulled out to the right size when needed, and then folded back up into a small, neat package and kept in the boot. This option comes in a few different sizes so you can find the perfect ramp to fit the incline to your car boot.

3) Scooter/Wheelchair Hoist

Yes, you read it right. The Mini Hoist, a unique solution from Autochair that can lift the scooter or wheelchair into the back of the car for you. This clever design is fitted into the boot, and can easily be removed from the vehicle if no longer needed. Like a typical hoist, the arm of the Mini Hoist pivots in and out of the boot to facilitate the transfer between. A secure fastening system goes around the seat of the wheelchair or scooter, and it is then lifted with ease into the car.

4) Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If none of the above methods are to your liking, then we recommend investing in a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV). These offer an easy way to get scooters in and out of the car because they are built for it. With a folding ramp, the individual can ride up into the back of the boot and stay sat on the scooter with ease. Their wheels will be strapped down to stop the scooter from moving around during transit, and they can simply reverse out when you arrive at your destination.

Motability is an excellent resource for everything WAV related. They have plenty of information to help you choose your perfect car.

The Motability logo

Motability can help people find the right car for their needs.

These are a few ways that you can avoid heavy lifting and throwing your back out all for the sake of getting your scooter in the boot. Whether you’re looking for an easy disassembly, a foldaway ramp, or a more permanent solution like a hoist or WAV, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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  1. Keith jackson says:

    Do you hire out vehicles that can take a wheelchair and user? I.e user stays in wheelchair and the chair gets strapped down.
    If not where could I go to get that service.
    A taxi service would be fine for trips out.
    (We have been customers of yours for a while)
    Keith Jackson

    1. Lucie Hudson Lucie Hudson says:

      Hi Keith,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV). However, it is possible to hire them from other companies. You can visit the Motability website to find a WAV dealership near you, and apparently Hertz now offer a WAV hire service. You can find out more here:

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