How much do rise and recline chairs cost?

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Rise and recline chairs cost varying amount depending on the features included and the fabrics and finishes.

Take a look at the information below to get a rough idea of how much riser recliner prices differ and find out how much your chair could cost.

Manual Rise and Recline Chair Cost

Manual rise and recliner chairs tend to be cost less as they don’t aren’t made with electrical motors that move the chair and allow for all the functions. Instead, using a simple lever, you can lay back and relax in these manual riser recliners.

A manual recline chair costs less, here's a manual recline chair that's operated by a lever on the side of the chair.

Manual recliners tend to cost less money because they don’t contain electrical motors.

To find a quality manual rise and recline chair will cost you anywhere from £500/£600 upwards. There is a wide range of customisation options available and you can get manual recliners in different fabrics and sizes to suit you and your décor.

Manual rise and recline chairs are ideal if you’re looking for a straightforward riser recliner chair and still have the mobility and strength required for manual operation.

But if you need a little more help or power when repositioning your chair, an electric rise and recliner chairs is the perfect solution.

Electric Rise and Recline Chair Prices

Electric riser recliner chairs can vary much more in price. This, in short, is because there is a lot more going on a lot more inside these chairs.

The motors that allow for the chair to offer a rise and recline & tilt-in-space functions as well as move the footplate will add expense, especially if you opt for a chair with dual motor single or dual motor.

Dual motor electric rise and recline chairs allow you to operate the backrest and footplate independently of one another. For more information, take a look at our post on single and dual motor riser recliners.

This mode of operation will give the seated person more control over the angles they are sitting at, this dual motor style of rise and recline chair also adds more expense to the overall cost as a second motor is being used.

Like with manual riser recliners, the cost of electric rise and recline chairs will also vary depending on how customised you want your chair to be and the fabrics you use to make the chair yours.

Lower end electric rise and recline chairs cost anywhere from £550 upwards. These chairs have standard rise and recline functions and come in stock sizes (or only one size in some cases) and have fewer fabric options.

Electric rise and recline chairs designed with higher quality fabrics will cost more, but they will come with the benefits of individual dual motor operation and a wider range of fabric customisation options.

More bespoke electric riser recliner chairs cost anywhere between £900 and £1200. These will offer more size options (i.e., small, medium, large) and more fabrics choices.

A stock rise and recline chair with good adjustability is the ideal starting point for anyone looking for a chair because of the design flexibility, size customisation and motor options. You can choose what is best-suited to you.

Made-to-Measure Electric Riser Recliner Chairs Cost

Made-to-measure rise and recline chairs give you the most flexibility and customisation options available. From fabrics and patterns to customised sizing and backrests, you design these electric riser recliner chairs to be truly specific to you, your needs and your surroundings.

An electric made-to-measure riser recliner chair

The Copgrove is custom-made rise and recline chair that can be manufactured to suit you perfectly.

The chair itself can be made to your measurements, this way you can be sure you will get the best comfort and support possible at all times. You can also choose to have your chair in leather or any upholstery finish.

Electric rise and recline chairs are also controlled by a remote that is kept to the side of the chair. This allows to easy remote controlled movements that provide you with the comfort you need, in a low effort and convenient way.

For a made-to-measure rise and recline chair, you could be looking at prices anywhere between £900 to £2000 depending on fabrics, sizing, accessories, and any actions and movements you want to include (like tilt-in-space). Read more about the benefits of a tilt in space function in your chair here.

If your chair requires more specialist additions such as cushions for pressure injury management, these will add to the eventual price.

Similarly, any accessories like arm caps, antimacassars, head rolls or different feet on the chair will be added on to the price.


The price of rise and recline chairs varies depending on what you would like to include in your chair. If you have the strength and mobility to regularly use a manual lever to provide you with the chair movement options that you need to be comfortable, then a manual riser recliner may be the way for you to go. This option will save you money and will ultimately ensure you are comfortable.

If your needs are a little more specialist or you would just like to have the versatility and convenience of a remote that is offered by an electric rise and recline chair, then a made to measure rise and recline chair is the correct option for you.

Generally speaking, a rise and recline chair can cost anywhere from £500 – £2000+. The lower end of this range will include manual riser recliner chairs, at the mid end, you will find the more customisable electric rise and recline chairs while the top end price of the range offer made to measure and bespoke electric riser recliner options with everything from dual motor operation to pressure relieving materials.

Specialist additions such as pressure relief cushions, customisation options including fabrics, and accessories such as head rolls, lateral supports will all add to the final price of a rise and recline chair.

For a more specific price quotation and detailed description of materials and accessories options on offer, contact our seating specialists today!

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  1. Grant Edwards says:

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    Can you tell me the colours and pricing of the Elevator chair please

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