How much does a care bed cost?

Care beds can give you comfort and support whenever you need it – but have you got any idea how much a care bed costs?

Lots of things can affect the price of a care bed, so let’s take a look at the different types and how they vary in cost. Please note that the below prices are estimates.

Standard care bed cost

The standard features that you usually get in a care bed are electrically adjustable positioning of the head and feet, and an up-down action of the bed itself. This will help you get the comfiest position possible.

Typical electrically adjustable beds will also have a headboard, footboard, and siderails if you need them.

Starting from the lowest price point, a basic electrically adjustable bed can start from about £600-£800. You’d then need to add on about another £250+ for the mattress.

We’d recommend this type of care bed if you’re not too bothered about looks but just need something with the right functions. The Medley Ergo range has some decent, solid care beds in this price bracket.

Mid-level care bed prices

If you want a bed with more features or that looks a bit homelier, then the price will go up a bit.

You can get half-divan style beds that still provide adjustable head and foot positions and will look more domestic. These are about £1000-£1200 in price (and then about £200 more for the mattress).

Tenero electric profiling bed is homely

The Tenero care bed is particularly homely-looking. It’s got a discreet wooden surround, so it will blend in with any décor at home.

With its built-in height adjustability and positioning options, a single Tenero bed starts from around £1600.

But if you’re wanting a double-sized care bed, then again you can expect to be paying a bit more. Double care beds can cost around £4500.

You might choose to have split controls so both of you can determine your positions independently to you partner. Bear in mind that to have independent controls, you will need separate mattresses.

What about beds that help you stand up?

For something more specialist (like turning beds), you will be looking towards the higher end of the price range. This is because these beds are much more complex and require more equipment.

The Turning Bed is a good example of this. This is a bed where the entire mattress platform can be adjusted to suit your positioning and it actually rotates so you can sit with your legs over the side of the bed.

The Turning Bed with the mattress platform in a seated position and the legs over the side of the bed

The Turning Bed is towards the higher end in terms of care bed prices. That’s because it has specialist features that help you come to sitting and standing positions.

This is great for people who need a little extra help coming to a standing position. It helps you maintain your independence, and it still looks fairly homely.

The Turning Bed is around £3500 in price.

Are there any care beds that will help me roll over?

The next model is more of a turning bed than a rotating bed. This means that it’s designed more for helping you roll over in bed.

The Arctic Turning Bed is typically used with people who have complex physical disabilities and needs and require repositioning every so often to avoid pressure ulcers.

This care bed is fitted with lots of motors, so you can perfect your positioning. It also tilts and rolls you over periodically.

The Arctic Turning Bed is one of the most specialist care beds we offer, and it costs about £9000.

Other Costs

Depending on any additional features you want to include in your bed, you can expect to pay a little more. If you want to include bedsides or grab rails, then these can be fitted to your bed at an additional cost.


In conclusion, if you’re looking to buy a new care bed then you’re looking at prices anywhere between £600 and £9000 depending on what you want. Try and write a list of what is needed in your electrically adjustable bed before you make any decision.

But if you’re still stuck for which to choose, or you want a more detailed price, get in touch with our team!

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Lucie Hudson
Lucie Hudson
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