How to stop someone from falling out of a chair

Falls from chairs is particularly problematic. Falls can have a serious effect on a person’s confidence, not to mention the injuries they can cause.

That’s why it’s so important for OTs and seating specialists that specify chairs that will help to stop anyone from falling or sliding out of them. Here are 5 things to think about when preventing falls from a chair.

1. Tilt-in-Space

Tilt-in-space is probably the most convenient way to stop someone from falling out of a chair. This function can be included in a lot of different rise and recline and care chairs, which means that it’s often available to you with no hassle at all.

Because your client is literally tilted back in their chair, it makes it much more difficult for them to slip forward or fall out of the chair. Similarly, some recline positions can give the same piece of mind and keep the person safe.

2. Footplates

Footplates also make it more difficult for someone to fall out of their chair. Particularly when teamed up with tilt-in-space, footplates offer a physical barrier that make it very hard for you to fall or slide out of a chair.

Choosing a flip-down footplate can make all the difference in keeping your client safe from falls. It blocks you from losing your footing or slipping down the chair itself.

The footplate on the Lento care chair helps to keep you from sliding further down the chair.

3. Raked Seat

A raked seat can also help to keep you safe and in-place to stop any falls from occurring. This will cradle your client in a secure position and make it much more difficult for them to slide or climb out of the chair if they are at risk of falls.

A seat with a rake is tilted, just like cinema and theatre seats. This means that the back of the seat is a little lower than the front, and so it is practically impossible to slide forwards and fall out of the chair.

4. Pommel Seat

It’s a less conventional method, and it’s not what the pommel was invented for, but it certainly helps! A pommel seat can help stop people from sliding out of chairs.

Because the pommel puts a physical barrier between your legs, it will stop you from sliding forward because it hurts. This again will help prevent falls.

Here you can see the pommel highlighted on the Inserto Domino cushion.

5. Harnesses and Belts

Harnesses and belt provide another physical barrier that will stop your client from falling from their chair. These can be used to restrain and hold you in place, making it very difficult to slide or fall out of your seat.

As always, we would only recommend using harnesses if it is entirely necessary to do so. They should not be used if there are other preventative steps that can be taken before this.

In Conclusion…

These 5 things can make all the difference if you know someone who is at risk of falls from chairs. Whether it’s something as simple as a raked seat or tilt-in-space, or something more specialist like a harness or belt, there are ways and means of keeping you secure from falls.

If you want some extra advice on a certain client, or you’d like to arrange a free joint seating assessment with one of our seating experts, get in touch with our team.

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    1. Avatar Serena Coope says:

      Could you please send me a brochure with prices. My mother was recently diagnosed with motor neurone disease and I would like to purchase a suitable chair for her and any other equipment which may make her life easier.
      Thank you in advance
      Serena Coope

      1. Lucie Hudson Lucie Hudson says:

        Hi Serena,

        Thanks for your comment. One of my colleagues will email you some brochures shortly.

        Thanks again,

    2. Avatar Ruby Dullo says:

      My son has got cerebral palsy and severe learning difficulties. Could you please suggest any chair suitable for him. I would appreciate if you could email me the broucher.
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      1. Avatar Tristan Hulbert says:

        Many thanks for your comment Ruby! I’ve asked one of the team to get in touch with some more information for you.
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