Get out and about with the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale!

It’s back! We’re re-launching the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale again here at Yorkshire Care Equipment to save you money in 2018. Check out what we’ve got on offer this time around, and see how much money you can save!


There are big savings to be had across the range and we’ve stocked up to make sure that we can meet demand. Our scooter specialists Dave and Gary will be on-hand to let you try out all the different models, and we’ve got some great slopes outside in our car park to give you a better idea of the driving experience over different gradients. But no worries if you can’t make it to our showroom, we can always arrange for one of our assessors to bring our scooters to your home!

We want people to be able to enjoy our wonderful landscape without having to worry about breaking the bank – so here are our top 4 tips for sale scooters and sightseeing.

Use the Liberty to explore York

The Liberty can be broken down and put together with ease, making it an excellent boot scooter for any adventurer. This option has proven to be a popular model in our showroom due to its ultra-lightweight structure that makes it very easy to lift into the back of the car for a nice day out! The Liberty has a unique front shroud design that guarantees users of any height a comfortable, secure ride.

Liberty mobility scooter - part of the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale

The Liberty is a lightweight model for anyone looking for their first mobility scooter.

We think this scooter would be a great way for you to enjoy the historical sights of York. Ride along through the medieval market squares of the city – and we’re sure the Liberty could handle the bumpy cobblestones of the Shambles with ease! This scooter is well and truly suited to anyone who’s looking for easy mobility and independence.

Visit Valley Gardens with the Leo

The Leo is more of a heavy-duty scooter that’s ideal for anyone who wants to get outdoors and enjoy their local area. This mid-sized model has been specifically designed and crafted to give users the freedom to go about their day with comfort and independence, delivering a smooth ride every time.

Leo mobility scooter - part of the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale

The Leo is a mid-sized scooter and can handle different surfaces and terrains with ease.

Fancy an afternoon out? The easy manoeuvrability of the Leo makes it ideal for a trip to Valley Gardens in Harrogate. This sturdy model can handle the grassy terrain with no worry, allowing you to enjoy a day discovering the 36 different mineral wells of Bogs Field, or giving you access to the beautiful Japanese Garden – if bogs aren’t your thing!

Sit on the S700 and navigate Knaresborough

This scooter is an excellent model for anyone who needs to tackle steep terrain! The S700 can make light work of hilly areas and kerbs, making it an ideal option for anyone who needs to make their way around the rolling roads of Yorkshire. The S700 has a larger battery to give the user a greater range of travel, and a top speed of 8 miles per hour.

S700 mobility scooter - part of the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale

The S700 is a heavy-duty model that we’ve slashed the price on!

The sturdy nature of the S700 would be well-suited to undulating terrain of Knaresborough. Why not ramble along Abbey Road and the Waterside, enjoying the sights of the River Nidd and the world-famous Knaresborough Viaduct? You never know, you might even spot an Otter – it has been known to happen there!

Take the S425 for a spin at Harlow Carr

The S425 features all-round suspension for an extra level of comfort and security over bumpy ground. This model is road-ready, giving you the option to travel around your local area or the town centre with ease. The S425 also includes impressively easy steering, so you can determine your direction with little effort. With a larger battery size of 55Ah, the S425 can keep you comfortable for longer journeys at a steady 8 miles per hour speed.

With a model as robust and trusty as the S425, we recommend a trip to Harlow Carr in Harrogate. The beautiful blooming flowers will get you feeling as fresh as a daisy, and you could even treat yourself to a trip to Betty’s whilst you’re there! This is a magnificent scooter for anyone who needs an easy way to get out and about without sacrificing comfort.

S425 mobility scooter - part of the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale

These 4 scooters would be an excellent choice for anyone who is thinking of investing in one. We’ve stocked up on all 4 to make sure that we’ve got enough to keep everyone mobile this summer – so what are you waiting for?

Pop down to our Starbeck showroom and see how much you can save in the Great Yorkshire Scooter Sale! For further information on funding your new mobility scooter, have a look at the Motability Scheme.

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Lucie Hudson

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    1. Avatar William Goodwin says:

      We are coming to Harrogate from Scotland for a few days and wonder if you hire out mobility scooters. We would require one for three days Tuesday 2nd April to Thursday 4th April inclusive.

      1. Lucie Hudson Lucie Hudson says:

        Hi William,

        Thanks for getting in touch.

        This is certainly something we can help you with. If you head over to our hire page ( and let us know what you’re wanting we can get in touch to arrange this with you.

        Kind Regards,

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