We’ve released the Care Equipment Collection brochure!

We are releasing a brand-new brochure that includes over 130 of our most popular products, giving clients and healthcare professionals the ability to find everything they need in one place. The Care Equipment Collection will be given away for free and will feature some of the latest care and mobility aids available.

Request your copy of the Care Equipment Collection book now


At Yorkshire Care, we’ve been supplying high-quality equipment to people across the North of England for 46 years now. In that time, we’ve watched products develop and evolve and we’ve kept our finger on the pulse to make sure we’ve been supplying the best equipment there is. Our team have included these items in The Care Equipment Collection brochure, making them more readily accessible to our customers and healthcare professionals alike.

David Jordan and Gary Hornsby-Shawe holding the Care Equipment Collection brochure.

Our showroom manager David Jordan and showroom advisor Gary Hornsby-Shawe with the Care Equipment Collection brochure.

Our Sales Director, George Hulbert, had this to say:

“We find that people aren’t always aware of the sheer volume and variety of products we supply here at Yorkshire Care. We wanted to give people a sort of ‘definitive guide’ to all kinds of mobility and care equipment all in one place.

“The Care Equipment Collection brochure highlights some of our most popular and specialist products; from everyday mobility scooters, through to made-to-measure seating and specialist wheelchairs. We wanted to put everything we offer in one brochure so that private clients, occupational therapists and other healthcare professionals can easily access anything they need.”

The new brochure will include everything from the Raizer emergency lifting chair, to our own Lento care chair, to full bathroom and wetroom adaptations. What’s more, the brochure will also include information on technical terminology and functions that are regularly included in care equipment, giving people the opportunity to learn about exactly what is on offer from the product they are investing in.

The Care Equipment Collection brochure open a page showing profiling divan beds.

The Care Collection contains details of over 130 of our most popular products.

Our advisors and assessors will also be using the brochure when working with clients to showcase the different items and options available to them.

Gary, our Showroom Advisor, said:

“This brochure is going to be useful for our clients for so many reasons. They’ll be able to see everything that we have to offer across all different departments, and they’ll be able to understand why certain products have certain features.

“It’ll also be useful for us here in the showroom because whilst we have a huge range of stock here, it’s not everything that we offer by any means. The brochure will give us the ability to show customers so many different options available to them. It’s just another way that we’re working to provide excellent customer service and keep the whole process as transparent as possible for our clients.”

So if you’d like to get your hands on a copy of our Care Equipment Collection brochure, then simply fill out the form below!

Request your copy of the Care Equipment Collection book now

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