Up to 10% off the Raizer lifting chair until 2019!

Yes, you read it right. We’re knocking up to 10% off the price of the Raizer emergency lifting chair for the rest of 2018 – hurrah!

Following our announcement earlier this year that we have expanded our dealership area, we are delighted to be able to provide this exclusive offer to customers from the depths of Warwickshire right up to the tip of Scotland.

We’re expecting a higher demand for Raizers in the upcoming months, so we’ve stocked up on them to make sure that you can get yours as soon as possible. Our team will be getting in touch with people who have had quotes from us or purchased Raizers from us before to let them know about the deal.

What is the price of the Raizer?

It very much varies on how many Raizers you wish to order and any accessories you want with them. Generally speaking, we offer discount on bulk orders – and it will be even more discount with our latest offer!

With prices rising next year, you could make a double saving on the Raizer right now and save up to £400 per Raizer.

Fill out the form below to get a detailed quote for your Raizer including the end of year discount.

How much does the Raizer cost?

The cost of the Raizer depends on quantities you wish to order along with any accessories you want to add-on. Please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with a quote.

Why are falls such a problem?

Falls cause a range of injuries from reduced confidence, through to broken hips and even fatalities. And every minute in the UK, six people over the age of 65 have a fall.

Falls are rife amongst older people and particularly in environments like care homes, hospitals, hospices, and other healthcare facilities. Every year, ambulance services respond to 700,000 calls from older people who’ve suffered a fall.

Not all of these incidents will require a stay in hospital, but many of them will entail lifting the person back to a seated or standing position. So what if you could do this yourself and didn’t need to call an ambulance?

Or what if a first responder could get there quicker and lift the person themselves?

This is where the Raizer comes in. If you had the Raizer at your disposal, then you could safely lift people yourself with no need to call for an ambulance.

A nurse using the Raizer lifting chair on a patient who has fallen

Care home and hospital staff find the Raizer particularly useful because it only needs one person to make it work.

Why is the Raizer better than other lifting equipment?

Whereas other falls lifting devices need more than one person to make them work, the Raizer is designed for use by a single operator. This frees up staff and saves time in care environments.

In addition, the Raizer has been designed to be a rigid structure to help provide support throughout the lift. Whereas other devices are cushion-like and take time to inflate, the Raizer can lift you from the floor and keep you secure and supported the whole time.

How can I buy a Raizer lifting chair?

It’s very straightforward; you can fill out the above form to receive a quote and move forward from there.

Alternatively, you can give our team a call on 01423 799960 or email to reserve your Raizer. Make sure to quote offer code YCRZ18 to claim up to 10% off!

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