We’ve partnered up to give guide dogs training!

Our showroom has always been dog-friendly; we love any excuse to go gaga over our four-legged friends. So you can imagine how happy we were to provide a space for some guide dogs training on our shop floor!

We’ve been working with Henshaws for many years now, and they needed a space to train up some new guide dogs who had never been around mobility equipment. These dogs were going to be working with people with sight loss who required wheelchairs and electric add-ons to get around.

Guide dogs need to be able to concentrate and not be put off by different smells and sounds. As you can probably imagine, an electric wheelchair will make a different noise to what the dog is used to.

The trainees guide dogs were taken around a little loop in our showroom whilst people used wheelchairs and powerchairs to help them get used to the movements.

This gave the dogs a chance to get used to these changes. They got used to the way that the equipment moved around to make sure that they could still give their human all the guidance and support they might need.

Our retail advisor Gary said:

“We’ve been working with Henshaws for about 10 years now, so when they told us about the guide dog training we jumped at the chance.

“It was a great experience to have them training in the showroom, and it was quite spectacular to see how quickly they can overcome new challenges and distractions like mobility equipment. We’ll make sure to get some dog treats in next time they’re training here!”

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association ended up buying a new wheelchair, electric wheelchair, and a powered add-on from us to use when training the dogs in future.

Our showroom advisor Gary Hornsby-Shawe with some of the equipment we provided to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Lee Stanway, Head of Specialist Services for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, said:

“The number of applications for a guide dog from people in wheelchairs is increasing and our service is adapting to meet this demand, including the recent recruitment of our Guide Dog Mobility Instructor – Wheelchair Mobility Specialist.

“The staff at Yorkshire Care are friendly and knowledgeable and Guide Dogs staff who attended the training workshop felt they learned a lot and benefited from their time there. We hope that more of our staff can attend the Henshaw’s course in the future and that we can continue to work with Yorkshire Care as part of our training programme.”

It was fantastic to work with both Henshaws and the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association on this project, and we are delighted to be one of their official suppliers. We will continue to provide training facilities, expertise, and equipment whenever they need it.

We’ll be keeping track of the new recruits as they progress through their training!

Lucie Hudson
Lucie Hudson

Lucie is our Marketing Manager, meaning she coordinates and writes some of our blogs, magazine articles, and brochures amongst many other resources. She also takes care of all our social media profiles, so feel free to send her any blog ideas you have!

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