Yorkshire Care supplies over 50 Raizers to emergency services

The Raizer is a particularly unique product, and we’ve been supplying it for a few years now. We’re very happy to say that we recently supplied over 50 Raizer lifting chairs to emergency services throughout the North, helping their staff to get people back on their feet with ease.

Raizers that we have supplied are now being used by paramedics, firefighters, and rapid response teams all over Yorkshire and in parts of Lancashire. With the Independent reporting that falls-related deaths are on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that our frontline services are equipped to get people back on their feet wherever possible.

A demonstration of the Raizer emergency lifting chair

Our CEO Tom and Raizer Specialist Steve demonstrating the Raizer.

George Hulbert, our sales manager, had this to say:

“We’ve had incredible feedback on the Raizer so far, and with good reason. People fall over every single day, and many people can’t pick themselves back up. That’s where the Raizer steps in and does all the hard work for you.

“It’s estimated that every minute [in the UK], six people over the age of 65 fall. The sheer volume of people who need help getting to their feet is huge and is only growing. We think that the Raizer can provide the solution that’s needed to make sure that stress is minimised for both the person on the floor and their carer.”

We recently supplied 30 Raizer lifting chairs to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and we delivered an additional 20 Raizers to the Humberside Fire & Rescue Service last year. Deals like this have led us to expand our reach to Scotland.

This unique product has been designed specifically with the user in mind. The Raizer is assembled around the person on the floor with minimal manual lifting involved. The leg and backrest pieces are slotted together to form a chair, and the carer can then begin the lifting process at the touch of a button. This also allows the caregiver to maintain eye contact with the fallen person to make sure that they are comfortable and calm. The Raizer can lift to a seated or standing position depending on the person’s preferences.

A stack of 20 Raizer emergency lifting chairs ready to be sent out.

A stack of Raizers that were supplied to the Humberside Fire & Rescue Service.

Tom Hulbert, Yorkshire Care’s CEO and Raizer Specialist, said:

“The Raizer was designed for situations that paramedics and other rapid response teams deal with every single day. It’s a great example of forward-thinking by places like the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Humberside Fire & Rescue Service.

“For Yorkshire Care, the Raizer has shown to be one of our most successful products ever. We’ve been able to expand into new markets that we could never have reached before, and I look forward to seeing other Ambulance trusts come on board in a big way.”

With rave reviews on the Raizer so far, we are very excited to see just how far and wide this innovative piece of equipment can go. If you’re wanting more information on the Raizer, or you’d like to book a free demonstration, get in touch!

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