Yorkshire Care to expand Lento range with new Rise & Recline Chair

We launched our Lento care chair way back in 2018 with the promise of easy, adjustable seating that suited 80% of the population’s needs. We’re very proud to say that we delivered on that promise and are now launching the new Lento Rise & Recline Chair!

Using the same cutting-edge technology and simple design from the original care chair version, the new Lento Rise & Recline Chair is completely adjustable and can be easily changed between patients to provide bespoke seating solutions.

The Lento Rise & Recline Chair offers totally adjustable seating alongside multiple positioning options.

Padraig, our in-house physiotherapist, said:

“When people leave hospital, they can have a variety of different needs and healthcare equipment needs to accommodate this to help people recover.

 “We know that the Lento range, and particularly the new Lento Rise & Recline Chair, will provide a key solution going forward and will hopefully make it easier to provide quality patient care on every occasion.”

 We work with healthcare professionals every day and the last 18 months has seen an unprecedented rise in the need for specialist equipment to help speed up hospital discharges and enhance patient recovery – particularly from illnesses like Long Covid. We knew that we could apply the same design and principles that we used for the Lento Care Chair to a new model that would help alleviate pressure on the NHS whilst promoting better patient recovery.

The solution is completely adjustable seating. The Lento Rise & Recline Chair features adjustable seat height, depth, and width, along with a whole host of other positioning options meaning that occupational therapists and others in the field can provide a made-to-measure option for their clients that is available immediately.

The Lento seating system is height, depth, and width adjustable and doesn’t require any tools!

Our Managing Director, Tristan, had this to say:

“Patient discharges and recovery can sometimes be held up by long wait times for equipment. Particularly with the rising cases of Long COVID over the past year or so, we could see that NHS hospitals and loan stores needed quicker solutions to help patients recover.

“The Lento Rise & Recline Chair will help to alleviate this issue because it’s so flexible. The entire seating system is adjustable to fit every user which means patients can be discharged quicker and recover faster because the Lento can be adjusted to suit their needs perfectly.”

The Lento Rise & Recline Chair is ideal for NHS loan stores and other multiuser environments due to its flexibility. It also uses interchangeable parts that can easily be switched out or replaced if necessary.

Choose between different backrest and headrest configurations to find the best solutions for a client.

We have also designed a special hospital spec version of the Lento Rise & Recline Chair that includes magnetic fastenings to minimise the chances of cross-infection between users. What’s more, you can switch between different backrest and headrest options to cater to the patient’s needs.

To minimise wait times, we keep ready-made chairs in stock for immediate delivery. Our teams are also on-hand to give free demonstrations either in-person or by video call.

To find out more about the Lento Rise & Recline Chair, click here.

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