Case Study: Amelia’s Perfect Pink Wheelchair!

Nine-year-old Amelia came into our showroom in an ill-fitting, clunky wheelchair that she had got four years earlier from the NHS wheelchair services. It matched Amelia’s needs when she was younger, but it had since become more of a hindrance than a help.

Having grown tired of the chair, Amelia and her family wanted to see what else was available. They came to Yorkshire Care because we’re their local mobility specialists, and we were only happy to help.

Our showroom advisor Gary met Amelia and talked through everything with her and her parents. He ran through the typical wheelchair prescription form to work out exactly what Amelia needed, and then he measured her up to make sure her new wheelchair would be the perfect size.

Gary said:

“When I first met Amelia and her family, it was pretty obvious that her wheelchair just wasn’t right for her anymore. We sat together and did a sort of wish list of things she could have in her new wheelchair, and then we set to work arranging it all.

“We chose the Zippie Youngster 3 wheelchair which is a lot lighter for her to push, and we made sure it could be supplied in pink. We also put integrated brake levers in the wheel arches to make it easier for Amelia to slow down and stop with little effort.”

Amelia wanted her wheelchair to be as fun and lively as she is, so she decided on a flamingo pink glitter finish with flashing castor wheels on the front! Watch her take it for a spin.

We also included a comfy seat cushion and a specially adapted SmartDrive powered add-on for an 11” wheelchair. Amelia also wanted some graphic spoke covers for the back wheels.

Amelia’s chair was generously fundraised for by The Lions Club of Knaresborough, the Rotary Club of Knaresborough, the NewLife Charity, and a private donor.

Amelia sat in the Zippie Youngster 3 wheelchair with flowery spoke covers on the wheels

Amelia with her new Zippie Youngster 3 wheelchair in a flamingo pink glitter finish!

Client’s Comments:

Lisa, Amelia’s Mum, said:

“Amelia loves her new wheelchair because it’s so lightweight, she can push it herself. It’s a joy to see her in it!

“We went to Yorkshire Care Equipment because they’re local and it’s important to support the community. They were incredibly helpful and really did pull out all the stops to make sure my daughter’s wheelchair was exactly as she wanted it to be.

“The staff are friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and nothing was too much trouble.”

What we Provided:

  • Zippie Youngster 3 lightweight wheelchair in flamingo pink glitter finish
  • Spoke covers
  • Light-up flashing castors
  • Seat cushion
  • Integrated brakes in the wheel arches
  • SmartDrive MX2 powered add-on with wristband control
  • Safari wheellock built-in with sideguards

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Lucie Hudson
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