Case Study: ExtraCare gives residents a lift with the Raizer

The ExtraCare Charitable Trust has 21 retirement villages around the UK, and its staff kept finding that falls were one of the biggest boundaries in the level of care they could provide. The Trust’s Lark Hill village reported that they were having a fall a day and could be waiting hours before any paramedics arrived to help.

Falls are currently one of the biggest problems facing our healthcare system, and they are estimated to cost the NHS around £2.3 billion every single year. ExtraCare wanted to find a solution that would help them avoid any more long waits for ambulances that left their residents feeling uncomfortable and undignified.

We introduced them to the Raizer emergency lifting chair and explained the benefits. Our Raizer specialist Steve Ellis ended up visiting the Lark Hill Retirement Village to demonstrate the falls lifting device to their staff, and they were very impressed.

We ended up supplying the entire ExtraCare Charitable Trust with 20 Raizers for them to use at various locations around the country.

Our Raizer specialist Steve said:

“The Raizer is the perfect solution for ExtraCare and its retirement villages. I held some training at the Lark Hill Retirement Village a few months ago and the staff were saying that their residents were sometimes waiting up to six or seven hours for paramedics to come help them get up.

“With their 20 new Raizers, the ExtraCare staff will be able to avoid these sorts of call-outs and will help to provide their residents with the best quality of life and care possible.”

Some care staff at Lark Hill retirement village training with the Raizer

The ExtraCare Lark Hill staff tried the Raizer out on each other during training to understand how it felt to be both the carer and the fallen person.

By choosing the Raizer, ExtraCare teams from Bristol right up to Liverpool will be able to help get residents back on their feet after a fall.

One key thing that the ExtraCare team liked was how easy the Raizer is to use. Simply assemble any of the pieces of the chair around the fallen person and press a button to get the lift started – it’s that simple (you can see a video of the Raizer here).

The Raizer is also unique because it can be used by a single operator. This will help save time and will allow ExtraCare staff to provide the highest-level care that they possibly can.

Client’s Comments:

A member of the ExtraCare team (who preferred to stay anonymous) said:

“I have to say, everyone is very impressed with the Raizer and are looking forward to being able to assist residents where this is possible in the future rather than having to call the emergency services.

“The Raizer will be invaluable […] We did a live demonstration on stage of this fantastic piece of kit. The residents were very impressed!”

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