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Helping Harrogate Neighbours to reduce their wait times for fall assistance

Harrogate Neighbours is a charitable organisation that provides care services for elderly people throughout our own hometown of Harrogate and the surrounding boroughs! They are passionate about providing high-quality care at an affordable price. Over the years, they have expanded their services and now provide a residential care home, an assisted-living facility, domiciliary care and a hot meal delivery service.

Earlier this year, we supplied the Harrogate Neighbours team with one of our Raizer emergency lifting chairs. Now, we are thrilled to be able to share some of their feedback about how they’re getting on with the specialist lifting device!

Where is the emergency lifting chair used?

The Raizer is now regularly used by the team across their domiciliary care services and at The Cuttings, their extra care housing facility. Residents live independently in private apartments with a care team on-site 24/7 to provide assistance if needed.

How has it helped Harrogate Neighbours?

In the past, the care team had struggled to safely help residents back up quickly. They didn’t have the appropriate equipment to allow a carer to lift someone back to their feet on their own. So, they had to rely on waiting for ambulance call-outs.

Cutting fall assistance times from 6 hours to 15 minutes

The Homecare Manager at Harrogate Neighbours explained the difference the Raizer has made:

“On average, we deal with around one fall per month where the resident needs assistance. Before we got the Raizer, we were having to ring an ambulance every time. Sometimes, the person who had fallen would be laid on the floor for up to six hours waiting for the ambulance to get to us. Then they’d have to be hoisted up by the paramedics.”

“But now, we are able to help someone straight away. The Raizer is pretty instant. We had one resident who fell at 12.10 and by 12.25 they were sat in the dining room having their dinner. Anyone can use it, it’s really simple. We include it in manual handling training for new staff and no one is scared to use it.”

The Raizer is a unique fall assist product because it only needs one carer to operate it. This saves time and money for care staff, both at The Cuttings and across wider healthcare services.

Saving time & money

Previously, when someone fell a member of staff needed to stay with them until the ambulance arrived. They were able to provide reassurance but, even if the individual was otherwise uninjured, the carer could not help them up. This could be very distressing for the individual themselves and the member of staff. But it also impacted the other residents. When one carer was busy looking after someone who had fallen, there were less staff available to support other residents.

Ambulance callouts also cost the NHS £115 each time. It is estimated that UK ambulance services respond to 700,000 calls relating to falls each year. That’s a total cost of more than £80 million per year to the NHS – just in ambulance callouts!

Giving care staff the equipment and training to assist people who have fallen themselves – as has been done at Harrogate Neighbours – is one way we can work to reduce this cost.

Care in the Community

Harrogate neighbours have been able to support the local community, as well as The Cuttings residents, using just one Raizer lifting device. This is because the chair splits down into 7 lightweight pieces for transportation.

The domiciliary care team can pack everything up into the rucksack provided, put it in the back of the car and use it out in the community. Since receiving the Raizer, staff have used it more than eight times to help people up after a fall.

Lynsey Robinson, Senior Team Lead at Harrogate Neighbours, described one of her experiences:

“I used it in a carpark when someone had blown over in the wind. It was on concrete, so I was a bit worried, but it worked brilliantly. Everything was very relaxed and now everyone swears by it.”

There when you need it

The Raizer has been designed to provide a stable lifting experience on a range of surfaces. It can lift people up to 150kg in weight and can provide up to 100 lifts on just one charge.

We are very proud to see how the Raizer has helped Harrogate Neighbours. The introduction of a simple lifting device has allowed them to focus on what they do best – providing compassion, care and comfort to the older people of Harrogate District.

To book a no-obligation demonstration of the Raizer for yourself, please contact us! A member of the team will be happy to arrange a time and date that suits you.

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