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Finance Options, Warranties & Insurance

We understand that paying a lump sum upfront isn’t always possible for bigger purchases like mobility scooters, powerchairs, and rise and recliner chairs. This should not stop you from being able to buy equipment that can help you lead a comfortable and independent life. That’s why Yorkshire Care Equipment offers a range of finance schemes that allow you to cover equipment costs in a way that’s manageable for you!

Mobility aids and other healthcare equipment are a big investment. Plus, they are something the user depends on day-to-day. We know that finding a piece of equipment they can rely on for years to come is important to our customers. So, we also offer warranties and insurance plans to give you peace of mind.

Take a look at all of our finance, warranty and insurance options:


Our team can arrange a finance scheme specifically for you that will suit your budget and requirements. Just have a chat with one of our friendly advisors in our Harrogate showroom or on 01423 799960.

They will be happy to help you understand which funding and allowances you may be eligible to, as well as going through the payment plans available.


Older people and people with disabilities can be eligible to claim a variety of grants and allowances to support them financially. Some of these allowances can be used to cover the cost of any healthcare equipment to may need.

Available allowances include:

  • Personal Independent Payment
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • War Pension
  • Motability Scheme – Rather than purchasing the equipment outright, you lease your scooter or powered wheelchair on a 3-year contract. Every three years, you will then get a brand-new product.

If you claim any of these allowances, please let us know when you enquire about a product. We will be able to advise on whether they can be used to cover your expenses.


A finance scheme can offer a safe and convenient way to purchase the equipment you need.

Moorgate Finance, our B2B finance partner, offer finance options for medical equipment that costs £1,000 or more. This is ideal for care homes, equipment loan stores and other businesses that purchase equipment on behalf of residents and patients.

Our team will handle the initial application for you and assist you in gathering any supporting information that you may need. When it gets to the stage where financial records and bank statements are required to demonstrate financial stability, we will let you know well in advance. This gives you the chance to gather the information you need in your own time.

Key Information:

  • No deposit is required upfront.
  • You can repay over 1 – 5 years to suit your requirements.
  • Initial quotes will only be confirmed after reviewing business financials and credit searches.

Charitable Funding

For some, obtaining essential specialised equipment and even good quality of life would be impossible without the help of charities.

People often worry about approaching charities, but for them to be successful in helping others, they need causes as well as contributions. So, if you, your family or your patient will genuinely miss out without their help, they will want you to apply.

We have a huge charities’ list with information about each, so you have somewhere to start. Just get in touch with our team and request a copy.

Equipment Warranties

The majority of our products come with a warranty. This allows you to rest assured that you have invested in quality equipment and any issues you may have will be resolved for you.

Length of warranty varies for individual products:

  • Our Little Lento and Lento care chairs all come with 5 years warranty on the frames.
  • The Raizer emergency lifting chair comes with 2 years warranty.
  • To find out about the warranty on another product, please just ask!


We always recommend taking out insurance on your mobility goods to safeguard your investment.

For powerchair and mobility insurance, Lockton Mobility are our trusted insurance supplier. They offer a range of plans to give you the cover you need.

What’s covered by mobility scooter insurance?

You, and your carer if you have one, are both protected in the event of an accident. Mobility scooter and wheelchair insurance is similar to car insurance – you are covered for damage to other vehicles and property as standard (like third-party car insurance) then you can upgrade to cover repairs and replacements for your own scooter/chair (like fully-comprehensive car insurance).

There is also the option to add additional cover for things like:

  • Replacement keys
  • Sports use
  • Hiring alternative equipment
  • Breakdown cover

It is all about finding a plan that meets your needs. If you have any questions about insurance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.