Raizer 2 – Falls Emergency Lifting Chair

The Raizer 2 emergency lifting chair is a fast and safe solution that helps fallen people get back on their feet with ease, and it only needs one person to work it! Updated in 2020, Raizer 2 has been optimised to further simplify assembly, use, transportation, and cleaning.

Available via NHS Supply Chain – NPC: FES11411

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This lifting device is truly unique and only takes one carer to make it work. The Raizer lift can get fallen people back on their feet in under a minute and is much more stable and easier to use than other falls assistance devices.

Watch the Raizer video to see the chair in action:

Quick, easy, and portable the Raizer is ideal for use in care homes, within the emergency services, falls and telecare teams, private individuals, or simply with healthcare professionals who deal with moving and handling in general.

How does the Raizer 2 work?

The Raizer is assembled around the person on the floor to lift them back to a seated or standing position. The chair consists of seven parts; the main seat, two identical backrest pieces, and four identical leg pieces.

Once the person is laid on their back with their knees bent, just slide the chair unit under the lower half of the thigh. Then simply slot each of the backrest and leg pieces into the chair unit.

These click into place – a sound will play and a green light will illuminate to indicate that each piece is correctly assembled. You can then use the remote control, or control panel, to gently begin lifting the Raizer into a typical chair position.

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See just how simple the Raizer 2 is to assemble

Whilst the chair is being raised, you might want to support the person’s head using a cushion or pillow. A specially designed headrest is also now available for Raizer 2.

You can stop the Raizer in a seated position or you can keep lifting the person right up to standing if desired.

Key Benefits for Carers

Not only does the Raizer lift help the person who has fallen, but it also helps the carer to avoid any strains or injuries.

  • Safely lifts people up to 150kg in weight.
  • Battery operated – provides up to 100 lifts on just one charge.
  • Made from sealed, waterproof material for easy cleaning and disinfection. Disposable hygiene covers are also available.
  • Identical backrest and leg pieces, plus light and sound indicators, ensure correct assembly every time.
  • Lightweight and easy to disassemble for transport and storage.

The Raizer is designed to allow the carer to focus on the person at all times.

How much does the Raizer 2 cost?

    The cost of the Raizer depends on quantities you wish to order along with any accessories you want to add-on. Please use our price calculator below and we'll get back to you with a quote!

    Want to try the Raizer for yourself?

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    Key Features

    • Single operator emergency lifting chair
    • Lightweight, easily transported
    • Simple assembly with audio and visual indicators for guidance
    • Waterproof for easy cleaning
    • Remote control for easy operation – stored in the seat unit for easy access
    • Magnetic emergency stop button for safety
    • Battery charge level and service reminder indicators
    • Automatic end stop position for easy disassembly


    A variety of accessories are available to make the Raizer 2 even handier:

    • Torso belts – add up to 3 on the backrest for total torso stability. Removable for easy cleaning.
    • USB charger for use on the go.
    • Trolley for easy transportation.
    • Rucksack/sleeve style carry bags.
    • Headrest.
    • Disposable hygiene covers

    Technical Specifications

    Lifting Capacity: 150kg (23.6 stone)
    Lifting Time: 20-30 seconds
    Overall Weight: Seat = 8.5kg

    Legs & Backrest = 4.5kg

    Total = 13kg

    Battery: LiFePo4, 12V, 5AH
    Charger (2 pcs): 4-cell LiFePO4 charger 100-240V and 5V USB charger
    Number of lifts on a full charge: Approx. 40 with maximum load.

    Approx. 100 with average load.

    Charging Time: Max. 6 hours
    Charging of Empty Battery: 10-15mins = 1 transfer
    Dimensions when assembled: Length = 671mm

    Width = 686mm

    Height = 1252 mm


    Here’s what people have said about the Raizer:

    “I would highly recommend the Raizer from both a professional, clinical and personal point of view. After viewing many different pieces of falls equipment, the Raizer was the stand out piece of kit.” – Toni-Michelle Lee, Falls Lead Officer

    “This piece of equipment is the single biggest innovation in the safe lifting of people in my lifetime.” – Chris Sampson, Moving & Handling Trainer

    “I would definitely recommend the Raizer to other health professionals, and I feel that every care home should have one.” – Gail Smith, Paramedic at North West Ambulance Service


    What makes the Raizer 2 better than other lifting devices?

    The Raizer falls lifting device is a single-carer piece of equipment that can be used by just one person! Due to its easy operation, this means no training is needed and anyone from family & friends to carers can use the Raizer to pick of a fallen person from the floor.

    Raizer is also a lot quicker and quieter than other models on the market. The rigid structure also means that the Raizer is much more stable and supportive than traditional inflatable air cushions.

    Does it actually save you any time?

    Of course! Because it only takes one carer to make it work, the Raizer 2 immediately frees up another member of staff saving time and money in the long-run.

    The Raizer is also faster than other devices, it takes around 20-30 seconds to raise someone back to their feet.

    It even helps to prevent any time off due to injuries that staff sometimes get when trying to manually lift someone.

    What about head support?

    You can provide head support to the individual by holding a cushion or pillow beneath their head whilst being lifted. This helps you keep contact with them to provide reassurance.

    Alternatively, a the Raizer headrest simply slides onto the backrest to provide additional head support.

    How heavy is the Raizer 2?

    In total, the Raizer weighs about 13kg. It splits into two carry bags for easier transportation. If you’re wanting to make it even easier to transport the Raizer, then there is a trolley option available!

    Is it good for infection control?

    Yes, the Raizer 2 is made from sealed, waterproof material that is easy to wipe clean and disinfect. You can also get waterproof disposable seat covers that will help stop the spread of bacteria.


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