Raizer – Emergency Lifting Chair

Our patented emergency lifting chair is a fast and safe solution when a person has fallen and needs help with transfer to either a sitting or a standing position, in a truly unique way.

Watch the Raizer video here:


The Raizer is an innovative lifting chair that has been specifically designed for use by a single operator. This piece of equipment is ideal for use in care homes, within the emergency services, or simply with healthcare professionals who deal with moving and handling in general.

Requiring minimal physical effort, this emergency lift allows the caregiver to focus their efforts on tending to the individual and supporting their head whilst the Raizer lifts them. It is lightweight and easy to carry, and is kept disassembled until needed for lifting. Simply take the lightweight Raizer to the site of the fallen person, and assemble the chair around them using the colour-coded stickers for guidance. It is battery operated and can be supplied with a remote control as supplementary equipment.

Ensuring that the fallen person is calm and feels secure is incredibly important, and the simplicity of the Raizer allows the carer to focus on the individual to ensure that they are comfortable when using this emergency lift. At all times during the transfer, the individual has contact with the floor as well as physical contact and eye contact with the caregiver. There’s no strain caused to the back or neck or the carer, and it can transfer individuals weighing up to 150kg. The transfer movement is smooth and protective and as an extra comfort, the Raizer is equipped with a seatbelt.

There is a range of accessories available with the Raizer. The optional trolley makes it easier to wheel the device from place to place, and there is also a choice of a triple wheel system that makes light work of stairs. A bike attachment can be fitted to the trolley so that the Raizer can simply be towed around on the back of a bicycle, and packs of disposable hygiene covers are available to wrap around the device to maintain cleanliness. One of the most popular add-on features is the infrared hand control, making the Raizer an extremely simple, convenient lifting chair.



Key Features:

  • Single operator emergency lifting chair
  • Lightweight, easily transported
  • Simple assembly with colour-coded stickers for guidance
  • Allows the carer to focus on the individual at all times
  • Variety of accessories available to make the Raizer even handier


Here’s what people have said about the Raizer:

“I would highly recommend the Raizer from both a professional, clinical and personal point of view. After viewing many different pieces of falls eqBackrestthe Raizer was the stand out piece of kit.” – Toni-Michelle Lee, Falls Lead Officer

“This piece of equipment is the single biggest innovation in the safe lifting of people in my lifetime.” – Chris Sampson, Moving & Handling Trainer

“I would definitely recommend the Raizer to other health professionals, and I feel that every care home should have one.” – Gail Smith, Paramedic at North West Ambulance Service

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 150kg
Lifting Time: 20-30 secs
Weight: Seat: 9kg, Legs & Backrest 4kg = 13kg
Charger (2 pcs): Soniel 12V. 100-240V and 12V car adapter
Number of lifts on a full charge: 40 with a max load, approx. 100 with an average load
Charging Time: Max 6 hours
Charging of empty battery: 10-15min = 1 transfer


Training Video

Section 1 – Introduction 0:03
Section 2 – How to lift a fallen person from the floor 2:08
Section 3 – Lifting in confined spaces 9:35
Section 4 – Disassembly of the Raizer, and packing it into the bags 10:26
Section 5 – Battery information, and how to charge the Raizer 14:17
Section 6 – Warranty and servicing 16:24
Section 7 – The transport trolley option 16:52
Section 8 – Cleaning the Raizer, and fitting the optional disposable covers 18:06