Lento Rise & Recline Chair

The Lento Rise & Recliner Chair is a totally adjustable chair that will suit practically any user’s needs. It’s easy to use and can provide support for the most basic or complex conditions. We’re so confident that the Lento riser recliner will meet any individual’s needs that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it does not deliver what you need.

Available with or without an assessment. Express UK Delivery: 2 – 4 days


Following the success of the Lento Care Chair, say hello to the Lento Rise and Recline Chair! In true Lento fashion, this riser recliner is incredibly easy to adjust and is suitable for practically anyone. There are no tools or additional parts needed – simply adjust the chair to meet the user’s needs and provide made-to-measure support at every opportunity.

The easy adjustability of the Lento riser recliner means that it can easily cater to the most basic of needs and the most advanced. Even better, the same chair can be used with the same person as their needs change over time.

The Lento Rise and Recline chair is available from stock and can be delivered immediately with no need for an assessment, making life easier for both the specifier and the user!

Money Back Guarantee

When you purchase a Lento Rise and Recline Chair, you’ll get a 7-day trial period. If you find that Lento doesn’t fully meet your needs, we will come to collect the chair and you will receive a full refund*.

It’s a hassle-free way to find the right riser recliner for you. Skip the assessment and test the Lento in your own environment. We’re confident you’ll feel the benefits from day one. If you don’t, no problem! We’ll arrange the collection and one of our assessors will help you to find another care chair that ticks all your requirement boxes.

*We require a small fee to cover the cost of collection. Offer applies to new Lentos in the standard grey vinyl only.


Unrivalled Flexibility

Virtually every part of the seat can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs perfectly, whether it be seat height, depth, or width. There are no tools needed to make it as straightforward as possible to provide bespoke solutions for every user.

You also have the option of switching out the cushions and supports to provide even more personalised postural support, including extendable and adjustable wings. The Lento comes with an adjustable waterfall lateral backrest as standard but can be switched out or altered to suit any individual. You can also add or remove wadding from each cushion for even further postural management needs.

The Lento riser recliner is a perfect option for loan stores and hospital discharges when patients may need a riser and recline chair immediately. What’s more, the flexible positioning of the chair means that it can be used between patients and provide the same high-level comfort and support on every occasion.

Variety of Positions

With users’ needs varying so much, the Lento is equipped with tilt-in-space action to help maintain comfort whilst managing the client’s postural needs. The backrest is also angle adjustable and there is the option to upgrade to dual motor tilt-in-space simply by adding a motor and swapping the handset!

There’s also the ability to switch to a cocoon backrest to stabilise and support the user from their pelvis right up to their head. Combine the cocoon backrest with wedges to support users with scoliosis or other conditions. The headrest can also be swapped for a soft pillow or horseshoe cushion to suit a variety of user needs.

If pressure relief is an issue, the Lento can be adjusted and upgraded in seconds from medium pressure relieving Visco cushions to high gel cushions or very high alternating air cushions. This riser recliner comes in dark grey vinyl with black 4-way stretch materials on contact areas as standard (although other vinyl colours and soft fabrics are available).

Designed for Carers

Although the Lento riser recliner boasts a wealth of flexibility for users, it has also been designed with carers in mind. We’ve simplified the whole specialist seating process to ensure that you can always deliver the best care with minimal hassle. The Lento has removable arms for easier side transfers, and you can also use the vertical rise function to make it even simpler.

Parts are interchangeable across the Lento Rise and Recline Chairs and the Lento Care Chairs, so parts are available immediately from stock and can be kept on-hand in loan stores and other locations where multiple Lento chairs are used.

The cushion covers have zips, making them easy to remove to be washed or swapped for others. They are also fixed to the chair with Velcro, which means it is easy and quick to strip the chair down for easy cleaning between users.

The Lento Rise and Recliner Chair is also available in a hospital specification version that uses press studs or magnets to attach cushions and reduce the chance of cross-infection.


  • Dual motor tilt-in-space upgrade kit – includes backrest motor and 4 button handset
  • Visco medium pressure relieving cushion (available in 3” or 4” depths)
  • Gel high pressure relieving cushion (available in 3” or 4” depths)
  • Alternating air cushion
  • Extended wings
  • Angle adjustable wings
  • Standard waterfall back
  • Cocoon backrest
  • 2” depth adjuster pad
  • Soft pillow head cushion
  • Horseshoe head cushion
  • Metal lateral supports
  • 2 or 4 point belt
  • Tarn overchair table
  • Multi adjustable headrest
  • 3” and 6” wedges for backrest adjustment


Seat Width Adjustment: 15 – 22”
Seat Depth Adjustment: 15 – 21”
Seat Height Adjustment: 17 – 22”
Back Height Adjustment: 30 – 34”
Arm Height Adjustment: 6 – 9”
Safe Working Load: 23.5 stone (149 kg)
Warranty: 5 years on frame

12 months on rest of chair

4 back angle options on the single motor tilt-in-space model, or full back recline with the dual motor tilt-in-space motor option

Other Models Available:

As well as the standard model (see specifications above), we offer other versions as follows:

  1. Bariatric Model – This can be specified in 30, 40 or 50 stone options, with a seat width of up to 30 inches or more
  2. Hospital Model – This version uses press-studs instead of Velcro, for infection control.
  3. Bariatric Hospital Model – A combination of the above two models – an ultra strong wide chair with press-studs instead of Velcro

For more information on the Lento Bariatric Rise & Recline Chair, visit the product page here.

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