Lento Care Chair

The Lento is our very own care chair, and is adjustable to fit about 80% of the population. We have been designing and developing the Lento for over 2 years, and it’s the most cost-effective and adaptable care chair on the market.


Boasting a wide variety of built-in features, the Lento care chair offers a versatile solution for almost any user. This care chair has been designed and crafted by the Yorkshire Care seating team, and offers easy depth and width adjustment, as well as several other adjustable features that make the chair completely customisable to many users. The Lento is ideal for multi-user environments or NHS loan stores, it’s also equally at home in a domestic setting.

Flexible Fit

With multiple adjustable features, the Lento is one of the most flexible care chairs. It can fit to almost anyone’s body shape with easy-to-use depth and width adjustment, as well as height adjustable arms and an articulating angle-adjustable legrest for extra comfort.

The Lento includes a removable seat and detachable wings to give more flexibility in the way of customised support. This care chair also features removable armrests for easier side transfers, and the locking tilt-in-space function also makes it remarkably easier for individuals to sit and sleep in comfort and safety whilst reducing pressure risk.

Built for the Many

With a safe working load of 25 stone (128kg), the Lento can provide comfort and support to many users. It also has removable headrests and cushions to make sure that any user is comfortable, and the extending legrest and adjustable footplate keep them well positioned and supported from top to toe. Not only do these features make the Lento excellent for customising to fit an individual’s needs, it also makes them ideal for environments where they will be used by an array of different people with varying complex needs. For more information on how to measure someone for a care chair, download our free Healthcare Professional’s Complete Guide to Specialist Seating Assessments eBook.

Optional Features

  • Manual or electric with battery backup for tilt-in-space, backrest recline, and legrest elevation.
  • Soft pillow head cushion.
  • Profiled head cushion.
  • Extended thoracic wings (4”).
  • Depth adjuster pad (2”).
  • Waterfall, thoracic, or butterfly backrest.
  • Foam or cool gel cushion, with varying pressure relief.
  • 2 or 4 point belt.
  • Footrest pad.
  • Many upholstery options.

Technical Specifications

Tilt-in-Space Yes
Backrest Recline Yes
Depth Adjustable Yes
Width Adjustable Yes (15-22”)
Seat Cushions Visco
Safe Working Load 158kg (25 stone)
Colours Various

 >> Download the Lento Care Chair Brochure <<


Training Video

Section 1 – Introduction 0:03
Section 2 – Manual and electric tilt-in-space, backrest recline, and legrest elevation 0:30
Section 3 – Seat width adjustment 2:20
Section 4 – Seat depth adjustment 2:51
Section 5 – Footplate height and angle adjustment 3:16
Section 6 – Armrest height adjustment 3:48
Section 7 – Backrest height and support adjustment 4:23
Section 8 – Carrying out transfers, and removing the arm 5:39
Section 9 – Stripping down the chair for cleaning 6:15
Section 10 – Pressure relief options, and changing the cushion 6:34
Section 11 – Accessories – headrest options 7:03
Section 12 – Accessories – lateral support options 7:55
Section 13 – Accessories – footrest pad 8:16
Section 14 – Charging the electric version 8:48
Section 15 – Adjusting the height of the full chair 9:02