ProSpec Hospital Chair

After many years of design work and engineering, we’ve created a hospital chair that never falls short…

Finding a care chair that’s suitable for a multi-user environment can sometimes be challenging, particularly when you need one that’s durable, good for infection control, and versatile enough for several patients. Often we find that chairs fall short in one area but excel in another, which isn’t ideal when you’re investing in what’s supposed to be long-lasting hospital equipment.

After many years of design work and engineering, we’ve created a hospital chair that never falls short. The ProSpec.

The ProSpec is an incredibly diverse model that can accommodate practically any user, regardless of their size and preferences. This comfortable, customisable chair is ideal for hospital wards where it can meet the complex needs of a wide range of individuals. Boasting depth and height adjustment, the ProSpec is one of the most flexible hospital chair available.


With electric depth and height adjustability, the ProSpec can meet the needs of almost any individual. It also allows the carer to specifically position the chair to suit the patient’s individual requirements. Featuring electric tilt-in-space, the ProSpec can help to prevent pressure injuries that usually occur from long-term poor positioning in chairs. The chair can be customised even further with easily removable interchangeable backrests. Choose between the flat backrest, butterfly backrest, or thoracic backrest to offer personal comfort and support to any patient.


We’ve developed the ProSpec specifically for the demanding needs of multi-user environments. This durable chair has been constructed with a heavy-duty metal frame, meaning that both patients and professionals can rest assured that the chair will offer long-lasting support. We’ve also added a better battery that lasts as long as a month on one charge!


The ProSpec features flip back armrests to make side transfers easier and quicker, and the interchangeable backrests can be switched with ease just by undoing a couple of clasps. We designed this chair specifically for use on hospital wards and in intensive care units where good infection control is key, so we made sure that all the surfaces were as smooth and uncomplicated as possible, with no nooks and crannies where bacteria can harbour and grow.

Technical Specifications

Tilt-in-Space Yes
Safe Working Load 25 Stone (159kg)
External Width 740mm
External Depth 965mm (at max. seat depth setting)
Seat Height Range 400 – 585mm
Seat Depth Range 400 – 535mm
Seat Width 510mm
Back Height 865mm
Arm Height 215mm
Product Weight 87kg
Colours Blue and black (standard), other colours available on request.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to clean with no hidden areas
  • Stylish looks
  • Pull cord for flip up arms
  • Easily changed backrests
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Mobile with handle and braked castors
  • Height and depth adjustable
  • Features tilt-in-space
  • Available in a variety of colours