Welcome to the Lento: Yorkshire Care’s very own care chair

The Yorkshire Care Equipment team are very proud to introduce our brand new Lento chair – the most adaptable care chair on the market. This is the first time we have designed and developed our own care chair, and it’s believed to be one of the most versatile models on the market.

Having worked with numerous healthcare professionals over the years, our seating assessors wanted to make a care chair that could fill a gap in the market, and they believe that the Lento will suit the need of about 80% of the population.

Yorkshire Care directors Tom and George Hulbert with the Lento chair

Tom and George Hulbert with the Lento care chair.

Our band 6 Physiotherapist, Padraig Finn, said:

“The Lento is leaps ahead of other care chairs due to its adjustability. Having a single chair that can cater for optimal postural support in many people with even the most complex postural presentations is an exceptionally useful quality in care equipment. Having such an adaptable chair saves time and money without compromising on the quality of care. That’s precisely why the Lento will suit nearly all environments, from clinical settings to private ones.”

At Yorkshire Care Equipment we have worked with occupational therapists, physios, and other healthcare professionals for many years, giving them invaluable insight into the shortfalls of typical care chairs. With its name meaning ‘to flex’ in Latin, the Lento chair provides the solution they have been looking for in care homes and NHS loan stores where patients will need to use several different care chairs during their lifetime. The versatility of the Lento gives care facilities the ability to adjust the seat and provide support and comfort to various patients with just one chair, which means greater value for money and less need for made-to-measure seating.

Tom Hulbert, our CEO said:

“The Lento will fit a higher proportion of people than other care chairs on the market, which is excellent for multi-user environments where different patient’s needs have to be met. The sheer adjustability of the Lento along with all its different built-in features make it incredible value for money.

“This is a great step forward for Yorkshire Care Equipment. The versatility of the Lento means that we don’t need to waste time waiting for made-to-measure seating to be made by a different supplier. We can immediately provide and fit the Lento, which saves a lot of time and money. The Lento is just the beginning for our own Yorkshire Care product range.”

With over 110 combined years of seating and postural assessment, the Yorkshire Care team have completely devised and designed the Lento to overcome the common problems that arise with care chairs. Tried and tested by OTs and physios, the Lento chair has proven to be a truly unique and reliable option across the care sector.

For more information about this versatile seating system, have a look at the Lento care chair page. To see a more in-depth guide to seating assessments, download our free seating eBook.

Lucie Hudson
Lucie Hudson
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