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Adjustable Round Shower Stool

This neat shower stool has a moulded plastic circular seat on a sturdy, lightweight frame. The aluminium legs are height adjustable to give you a comfortable seating position. The legs also have rubber ferrules to prevent movement of the stool. Easy to clean, lightweight and a very popular product.

Adjustable Shower Stool

This height adjustable shower stool has easy access handles on both sides of the seat to provide additional safety and support. The stool is lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Aluminium Shower Stool

These lightweight, corrosion resistant stools have moulded plastic seats with built in handles for support and holes to aid water drainage.

Bath Safety Strips

These textured rubber strips are perfect for any size of bath or shower, and adhesive to any surface for very easy installation, providing a subtle way of introducing more safety and stability to your bathing experience.


Solving the problem of bathing children and small adults with special needs in a standard bath, the Bealift is easily operated by one person, so avoiding back strain and supporting the child in the bath at all times.

Days Shower Chair

This sturdy Shower Chair is durable, stable and very economically priced. Comfortable to sit on and equipped with a fast-draining seat, it has tubular armrests that are easy to grasp and a plastic coated steel frame that resists both corrosion and damage. The feet are tipped with non-slip, non-marking, non-scratch rubber ferrules, or alternatively are also available with wheels or as a height adjustable chair.

Days Swivelling Bath Seat

Lightweight and corrosion resistant, this attractive and comfortable aluminium bath seat is available in four frame widths to suit a variety of bath sizes. It allows the user to sit comfortably and gently swing themselves round so that they are sitting over the bath. The rotating seat locks at each 90° interval and has side arms to enable easy transfer and provide additional security to the user.

Days Wall Mounted Shower Seat

A space saving, attractive shower seat which folds flat against the wall when not in use. Available with or without drop down legs which provide extra stability where the wall construction does not allow an unsupported seat.

Etac Beauty Bathing Range

The Etac Beauty body care range is ergonomically designed and carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and strain. Each product has a unique shape that makes it easier to reach further. The hair washer is shaped to ensure it reaches all over the head and massages the entire scalp, substituting the fingers when shampooing. Both the body and the back washers have removable cloths that wash effectively without absorbing water, ensuring they stay light and balanced even when wet.

Everyday Bath/Shower Mats

The Everyday mats have excellent grip due to the large number of suckers and the high grade rubber material. Multiple drainage holes allow speedy drainage.  Available in 4 different sizes.

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