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Yorks Bathing Cushion

Yorks Bathing Cushion

The Yorks Bathing Cushion is a popular bathlift because of its compact, easy-to-use structure. The lightweight cushion is easy to pack away when not in use, and offers incredible comfort for all users.


The Relaxa bathlift can help users get into the most perfect bath possible thanks to its built-in thermometer! This unit is easy-to-use and delivers a dignified and safe transfer.


The Aquila is a similar design to the Neptune lightweight bathlift, offering good support for the userand including a reclining backrest. This bathlift is best suited to those with less upper-body strength, offering excellent and stability and support when bathing.


The Neptune bathlift is suitable for the user with less upper-body strength, due to its fixed rigid backrest and lightweight portable design. It fits into most bath tubs, and can be customised with accessories to give a more tailored experience.


Weighing only 6.5 kg, and with an ultra-compact design, the Splash is a very small bathlift which blends discreetly into any bathroom environment. Allows for excellent submersion, sinking to a mere 3 inches from the bath base.

Bath Buddy

Safe and sturdy, the Bath Buddy inflates using a mains compressor offering a smoothly inflation and deflation action. Providing comfort and support to all users, the material used is very soft and kind on the skin, whilst reducing slipping risk.

Orca XL

The Orca XL is a powerful bathlift, specifically designed with the larger user in mind, with a maximum client weight of 26.8 stone (170 kg). Including a reclining backrest, the Orca XL bathlift ensures comfort and stability for most users who sometimes struggle at bath time.

Surfer Bather

The Surfer Bather is a very supportive children’s bathlift designed to lower and raise a child into and out of the bath, saving stress and effort at bathing time.By the mere touch of a button, the chance of physical damage or injury is eradicated to provide excellent support for both the caregiver and the child.

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