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With its stunning looks, this hi-lo bath has been sculptured to give the maximum internal size with a minimum external dimension of around two metres, giving the client plenty of room to move about.

Avero Motion

This tilting bath is completely freestanding and can be accessed from three sides. The large foot well can be pre-filled with thermostatically controlled water in order to save time and to accommodate the comfort of the patient.


The Kiva bath has been designed and built without compromise, with generous internal and external dimensions. The Kiva is one of the first capacious baths on the market that looks and feels like a true classic bath and has been specifically designed to blend into any bathroom environment.


With a powered drop-down door, a hi-lo action, and a neat, homely design, the Vanna specialist bath comes in a range of sizes, and has a high weight limit of 350 kg.



The Rio height-adjustable bath is manufactured using high-quality materials. Twin actuators make this one of the quietest hi-lo baths on the market!

Matira Height Adjustable Modular

A stylish height adjustable bath with a fully powered seat, nursing arms and lap belt.

Compact Bath Range

Many options are available with the Compact Range, meaning that the baths are suited to a vast spectrum of different care scenarios. The baths are also very well priced, making them the ideal choice for NHS funded provisions for private clients, and for the care home market.

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