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Aquadeck Bathing Supports

This bath support seat is a foam padded frame with a mesh cover which gives the user a comfortable and supportive position for bathing. The support seat also has a built in knee brake, which can be with supplied with a padded cross bar if needed depending on the user’s needs. The seat also comes with a lap strap.

Burnett Bathing Supports

The Burnett bathing support system has been developed to provide postural support in bathing situations. The supports are very simple to use, moulding like plasticine to form to the seating medium and client.


Solving the problem of bathing children and small adults with special needs in a standard bath, the Bealift is easily operated by one person, so avoiding back strain and supporting the client in the bath at all times.


A supportive seating aid for children in the bath or shower, the Otter comes in three sizes so the most suitable type can be matched to the child’s needs.


Thanks to the telescopic tubes on this children’s bathing support, it can grow with the child and can be used with a wide range of young individuals. The removable and washable trough-shaped net upholstery, which can be re-tightened, ensures stable side guidance and a deep pelvis position.

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