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Adjustable Bed/Chair Tables

These overbed/chair tables have a laminated teak top and two independent points for adjusting the height which allow the top to be angled. Rails on the sides of the table top prevent items from slipping off.

Bed Grab Rail

This ultra sturdy bed grab rail, offers stability and aids user confidence. The grab rails height adjustable frame can be positioned to suit virtually any divan style bed and any user.  It is very simple to assemble and fit, the two legs rest on the floor and the frame is firmly secured into place via three straps, ensuring minimal movement when in use.  It is also suitable for the elderly or infirm, providing that extra assistance when getting into or out of bed.

Adjustable Bed Cradle

This simple metal frame slips between the mattress and the bed base to be anchored, and then the height adjustable arch goes forms a support cradle for the bedclothes to be kept aloft to keep them clear of the feet and legs. The frame weighs just 3 kg, and breaks down into 2 parts for easy storage and transport. This bed cradle can be used at the side or the end of the bed.

Bed Raisers

A large selection of bed raisers are kept in stock in different heights. These make it easier to get in and out of bed.

Bed Wedge

The versatile wedge can be used vertically to prop yourself up in bed or horizontally as a mattress tilter.

Cotside Bumpers

Reduce the risk of entrapment or injury with cot side bumpers.  These cot sides reach over most bedrails and are a standard universal size, they can be easily and quickly attached to the rails with a hook and loop fastening along the bottom edge. With a mattress overlay, and foam inner this padding is easy to wipe clean.

Castle Adjustable Cot Sides

The Castle cot sides fit between the mattress and the bed base. Adjustable in width for single or double beds and also in length. They can be adjusted in height, using a pin clip system. The cot side is dropped down by a simple push button release and raised up with a click, lock action. The whole side can be removed easily to give quick access for making the bed.  Increase the safety of your sleep today!

Cocoon Cotsides

With a similar design to the cotside bumpers, cocoons not only cover the sides of the bed but also the ends of the bed, providing all-round protection.

Double Loop Bed Grab Rail

Representing exceptional value for money, the Double Ended Bed Grab Rail is an easy to fit bed grab rail that is also width adjustable, making it suitable for use with double and single beds. Designed to provide users with a strong and stable support when getting into or out of bed the double ended bed rail is also ideal for use to help with repositioning yourself once in the bed. The rail fits securely and easily under the mattress and its width can be adjusted to suit different sized beds including singles and doubles.

Fallout Mats

Made with high density foam with a thick protective cover, these are placed by the side of the bed on the floor to help to prevent injuries caused by accidental rolling out or falling from bed.

Freestanding Patient Pole

This free standing Patient Helper pole is placed under the bed base to give a stable overhead support pole for those who find it difficult to rise out of bed. Designed for raising a person to a sitting position, not lifting the entire weight of the person off the bed.

Leg Troughs

These support the leg from the knee to the ankle, and include a waterproof, multi stretch, vapour permeable PU cover.

Mattress Deodoriser Spray

Just a quick spray of the Professional Mattress Cleaner will effectively kill dust mites and their eggs, eliminate foul odours and destroy bacteria instantly, therefore leaving the user’s mattress clean with a fresh fragrance.

Adjustable Backrest

The backrest is adjustable to a wide range of angles, making it ideal for sitting up in bed.

Orthopaedic Pillows

These pillows are contoured to give support to the lower cervical spinal column. As a result the entire shoulder and neck region are well supported.

Parnel Cotside Rail

The Parnel cotside rail is unique in that it is floor standing, meaning that it doesn’t interfere with the moving mattress platform on profiling beds.

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