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Burnett Sleep System

The Burnett sleep system is available in both flat or wedge shaped styles. The system uses the mould and hold principle, with the product being set up in 3 zones to allow for precise positioning.

Divan Bed Mattress

This range of foam divan mattresses are extremely comfy and supportive, and can be custom built to suit your needs.

Dual Alternating Air Mattress

The Dual is an Intelligent Pressure Relief Anti-decubitus system that suitable for high- risk patients who demand pressure ulcer prevention or treatment up to stage IV. This system is made with the highest quality material, which is durable and reliable for homecare, nursing home and hospital, including ICU environments. This mattress can also be supplied as a wide 4 foot version.

Essential Foam Mattress

The Essential is a basic, entry level foam mattress boasting highly resilient foam with a waterproof stretch cover.

Somlent Genius

One of our most exciting products ever…an absolutely unique and groundbreaking product for the pressure relieving sector!  We truly believe that the brilliance of this mattress cannot be over-stressed.  It utilises a continuous low pressure system ensuring that pressure remains constantly below capillary occlusion pressure so no air cells ever need to be deflated.  Divided into 3 sections, the inflation of each section is determined and adjusted immediately at the slightest change in weight or position, by means of the highly intelligent 3 pressure sensors underneath the cells.  Never before has a mattress been so highly sensitive and intelligent to adjust to the user so perfectly.

Somlent Peakflow

Like the Somlent Regulator, the Somlent Peakflow features the 3 way alternating system, offering superior pressure relief and comfort than most dynamic air mattresses. However, this mattress has the added benefit of an intelligent digital pump. This compressor, with its iconic stunning aesthetics, features more than meets the eye. With input from a pressure sensor in the base of the mattress, it’s able to detect when the patient’s head is elevated above 15°, and automatically increases the internal pressure to avoid the risk of sacral sinking. It also incorporates a static mode button, full digital control of mattress inflation pressure, and a max button to increase rigidity of the lying surface during moving and turning patient procedures.

Somlent Regulator

The Somlent Regulator offers great quality at a good price, making it a great option for nursing homes. It features a unique 3 way alternating air system, ensuring that there is 66% body contact at any one time, rather than the industry norm of 50% – and not only does this provide improved pressure relief, its also a lot more comfortable.

Somlent Serene

The Somlent® Serene is the world’s first 3 in 1 alternating hybrid mattress. Not only that, but when the pump isn’t attached, it’s not just a foam mattress – the cells are filled with both foam and air, allowing the air to flow freely from cell to cell, and contouring freely to the patient’s body.

Yorks Premier Active 2

The design concept of the Yorks Premier Active 2 is truly unique, featuring an alternating air insert beneath the castellated foam.  This allows the mattress to be transformed at any time into an alternating surface delivering additional levels of pressure relief.

Yorks Reflex Mattress

This pressure relieving foam mattress is comfortable, supportive and secure to all users and can be made to fit various bed sizes.

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