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Stabilo Range

Stabilo Range

These positioning supports are incredibly mouldable and easy-to-customise thanks to their innovative design! The Stabilo range can fit to anyone’s body shape and provide excellent comfort and support where needed.

Matchett Support Range

The Matchett support range consists of soft polystyrene bead-filled cushions, with many different shapes and sizes available.

Somlent Plush Range

The Somlent Plush range is a versatile, innovative alternative to traditional positioning support and cushions.

Nile Leglifter

The Nile Leglifter supports the lower leg to assist a patient to and from the bed, offering the user more independence.  The Leglifter is height adjustable so it can fit to almost any bed.  There are currently two variations of the Nile Leglifter, one of which fits to the side of a divan style bed, whilst the other is designed to fit to a metal framed bed.  When not in use the Leglifter folds flat to the bed and does not hinder transfer.

Mattress Elevator

The Mattress Elevator allows those confined to bed for long periods to sit or lie comfortably with a high degree of independence.

Mattress Tilter

The Mattress Tilter is used under the mattress at the bottom of the bed to relieve the symptoms of swollen ankles, varicose veins or lower back pain. Alternatively, it can be used under the mattress at the top of the bed to relieve respiratory problems.

Adjustable Backrest

£37.00 excl. VAT£44.40 inc. VAT

Adjustable Backrest

£37.00 excl. VAT£44.40 inc. VAT

The backrest is adjustable to a wide range of angles, making it ideal for sitting up in bed.

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