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Over Chair Table

This over chair table fits over a variety of chairs, wheelchairs, and beds.

Foldable Leg Rest

The Foldable Leg Rest is sure to provide relaxation and warmth to the user thanks to the comfortable, fleecy cushion on the top.

Adjustable Height Footstools

This height adjustable footstool is perfect for those who like to put their feet up!

Uplift UpEasy Seat Assists

These portable cushions (available in powered and hydraulic versions) are placed onto a chair to transform it into an automatic lifting seat. Easy to adjust to suit each user, they provide a stable, gentle lift that supports up to 80% of the user’s weight.

Langham Suregrip Furniture

The Langham SureGrip Raisers allow an existing chair or bed to be raised to suit the user’s needs, instead of having to buy expensive new furniture.

Wooden Chair Raisers

These stylish wooden chair raisers fit subtly into any environment, and give furniture a boost in height.

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