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The rigid framed Küschall K-Series represents a break through in innovative wheelchair design, suitable for highly active users who demand aesthetic appeal together with exceptional strength and performance.

Helium Pro

With new highly innovative ultra-light materials the fully-welded Helium Pro weighs from just 3.7kg without its quick-release wheels – making the Helium easy to lift and transport.


The Krypton carbon fibre wheelchair is one of the lightest in the world. It can also be supplied in a folding version for anyone needing a compact solution.


The Küschall Ultra-Light is a light and compact wheelchair designed to suit an active lifestyle, offering both high mobility and independence. The “one-finger” folding system allows those with reduced strength and/or hand function to fold the wheelchair without having to apply unnecessary force.


The Küschall Champion provides users with the very best aspects of a rigid wheelchair, combined with the mobility of a foldable wheelchair.

Xenon Range

The Xenon range boasts incredible lightweight design that ensures rigidity and comfort for any active user.

Multisport Sports Wheelchair

The Multisport active user wheelchair is the perfect choice for anyone looking to compete or up their fitness with some sports!


The Küschall Compact is a wheelchair made for active users who require a higher level of configurability and support. It is similar to the Ultra-Light but has the addition of swingaway footplates.

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