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Wheelchair Powerpacks

Wheelchair Powerpacks

These powerpacks will give you the boost you need when pushing a wheelchair. Powerpacks can make light work out of accessibility!

SMOOV One add-on

£0.00 inc. VAT

SMOOV One add-on

£0.00 inc. VAT

The SMOOV One powered add-on clicks securely into place on the back of your wheelchair to give you that extra push whenever you might need it.

Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle

The Firefly is a nifty electric wheelchair add-on that can convert your active user wheelchair into a powered trike-style machine!

Smart Drive

The SmartDrive converts manual wheelchairs into electrically-powered ones in a few simple steps.


This active wheelchair accessory allows the user to push forwards using very little effort. The E-Motion helps over long distances and and up steel hills to give the user better range when travelling.


The FreeWheel is a lightweight add-on wheel which quickly clamps simply and securely, allowing you to push over surfaces that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.


The E-fix powered wheelchair add-on converts a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair with ease, making it ideal for transportation and convenience.


The E-Pilot hand bike wheelchair add-on can be fitted to many manual wheelchairs to step them up to a powered trike! This cutting-edge item comes in 11 different colours, allowing the user to keep their wheelchair setup completely customised to their preferences.

Alber Twion

The Alber Twion power assist wheels are a revolutionary new product for active wheelchair drivers. They feature smartphone connectivity to adjust settings, record journeys, view diagnostics and even remote control your wheelchair.

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