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Alber Twion

The Alber Twion power assist wheels are a revolutionary new product for active wheelchair drivers. They feature smartphone connectivity to adjust settings, record journeys, view diagnostics and even remote control your wheelchair.

Dual Wheel Powerpack

The Dual Wheel Powerpack was introduced for those who require that extra traction in hilly areas or need to tackle slippery slopes or gravel driveways. This model also has the benefit of the reverse function.


The E-fix powered wheelchair add-on converts a manual wheelchair into an electric wheelchair with ease, making it ideal for transportation and convenience.


This active wheelchair accessory allows the user to push forwards using very little effort. The E-Motion helps over long distances and and up steel hills to give the user better range when travelling.

Firefly Wheelchair Handcycle

The Firefly is a nifty electric wheelchair add-on that can convert your active user wheelchair into a powered trike-style machine!


The FreeWheel is a lightweight add-on wheel which quickly clamps simply and securely, allowing you to push over surfaces that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Heavy Duty Powerpack

The Heavy Duty Powerpack gives more power to push heavier users up to 26 stone, with the added traction of twin wheels to make light work of tricky slopes and uneven terrain with confidence. Reverse feature is included as standard on this model.

Single Wheel Powerpack

The Single Wheel Solo Powerpack attaches to any wheelchair in literally seconds. Once fitted you will never need to push the chair again.

Smart Drive

The SmartDrive converts manual wheelchairs into electrically-powered ones in a few simple steps.

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