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The A200 can be taken apart in just a few steps so that it even fits into the boot of a small car. The entire electronic system is integrated in a single box. You do not have to deal with annoying cables and can easily take the wheelchair with you on vacation.

Esprit Action 4NG

This compact, lightweight wheelchair is brilliant for easy mobility in public areas. The modular structure makes the Action 4NG incredibly simple to break down and pack away for transporting.


Go Chair

The Go-Chair easily disassembles for transport and fits in most car boots, and is particularly suited for use around the home.

Jive M Hybrid

The Jive M Hybrid takes the best features of other models in the range and puts them together to create a compact powered wheelchair that’s capable of giving a comfortable mobility experience both in and outdoors.

Jive Up Standing Wheelchair

The Jive Up offers additional standing positions alongside seated ones to ensure that the client is comfortable and independent. With excellent manoeuvrability and agility, the Jive Up is a powered wheelchair that offers incredible functionality and security to all its users.

Luca Powered Wheelchair

Serving compact manoeuvrability with uncompromising comfort, the Luca is an excellent option for individuals looking for a smaller powered wheelchair.

Pronto M41

Combining mid-wheel drive and SureStep suspension allows the Pronto M41 to be a compact, manoeuvrable indoor chair with excellent outdoor driving capabilities.

Puma 20

Designed for intensive indoor and outdoor use, the Puma 20 delivers great driving performance for its class. Front or rear wheel drive, it is easy to drive with your choice of electronics.

Puma 40 S-Line Powered Wheelchair

The Puma 40 S-Line electric wheelchair is a highly manoeuvrable model designed to deliver to comfort and security to every user on any journey.

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