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Aerolight Range

The Aerolight range consists of a variety of different models for many settings and uses. These simple, cost effective designs are easy to transport and store, giving you accessibility when you need it the most.

Welcome Ramp System

The Welcome Ramp System is extremely versatile. Our trained engineers install these systems throughout the north of England.

Ultralight Telescopic

These channel ramps extend up to nearly 3 metres, yet are compact enough to store in a vehicle. Available in 2 or 3 section versions to suit your storage requirements.

Custom Built Ramp Systems

Yorkshire Care Equipment also design, manufacture, and install custom-built concrete and wooden decking ramp systems. Please contact us for more information, or to book a no-obligation site survey.

Ultralight Folding

This folding ramp is great for users who travel often. It’s easy to setup and pack away, adding next to no extra time on to the day.

Axcess Suitcase Ramp

Designed for both scooters and wheelchairs, these budget folding broad ramps offer a non-slip driving surface.

Permaramp Range

The Permaramp range features excellent adjustability and can be fixed in place for long-lasting accessibility.

Ultralight Combi

Incorporating both a folding and a telescopic section on these channel ramps enable just one set of ramps to be used up steps and over the threshold the other side.

Doorline Bridge

Highly presentable and immensely practical, this bridge ramp includes many clever details to deal with the problem of thresholds and doorways.

Doorline Multi

PVC door threshold problems can easily be beaten with the innovative Doorline Multi. Now available in two sizes, this unique product rests securely on the threshold.

Doorline Neatedge

Neatedge ramps are manufactured from weather resistant rubber, and can be trimmed to size or shape.

Doorline Wedge

Highly presentable and immensely practical, this simple wedge ramp is a simple solution for thresholds.

Rollout Trackway

Cover grass, gravel and other uneven surfaces for easy wheelchair and pedestrian access with this incredibly hard-wearing wheelchair and scooter track.

Swift Ramp System

The Swift Ramp System has been carefully designed from modular and adjustable components that are manufactured and stocked in quantity ready for quick despatch and installation. This durable system is easy to select, specify and install, and gives endless configurations with a superb end result.

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