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Days Adjustable Height Wheeled Walking Frame

These aluminium walking frames are lightweight, height adjustable and have two wheels at the front and non-slip ferrules on the rear legs.

Adjustable Height Walking Frame

This lightweight and supportive Height Adjustable Walking Frame has a narrow aluminium frame to make it perfectly suited for use around the home, where space is often restricted.

Hi-Riser Folding Frame

This lightweight folding frame is designed to help the user rise from a seated position. The lower handles are situated in the ideal place for the user to push themselves upwards into a standing position, and the upper handles are then used as a standard walker would be.

Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy

Lightweight and stylish, this caddy is ideal for carrying a variety of daily living aids.

Apron Bag for Walking Frames

Waterproof bag with large pockets for books, shopping, cleaning materials, etc. Has one front and two side pockets.

Net Bag for Walking Frames

String nylon bag, which fits any walking frame for shopping or other items needed close by.

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