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The Gepard Rollator

Gepard Rollator

Gepard Rollator

The Gepard rollator is made from carbon fibre and aluminium to provide excellent strength and support when moving around. It’s also fitted with a comfortable chair, meaning that you can sit down not matter where you are!

Rollz Seated Wheeled Walker

The Rollz wheeled walker is an excellent model for users who are looking for a little help with walking distances.

Triumph Plus

Even more stability is on offer with this 5-wheeled Triumph walker.

Zoom 4-Wheeled Lightweight Walker

The Zoom 4-wheeled rollator has a stylish lightweight aluminium frame, and an easy folding mechanism to save space when it is stored away.

Lightweight 3 Wheeled Walker

A lightweight walker with a swivel front wheel for ease of manoeuvring. Height adjustable frame which folds out of the way when not in use.

Delta Walker

This lightweight rollator now features a new style of wheel so that it’s easier to manoeuvre and runs smoothly even over rough surfaces. It has a handy basket, bag and tray; providing plenty of space to carry items.

Glider Plus Adjustable

The Glider Plus Adjustable is our most popular 4-wheeled walking frame, providing the ultimate in features and choice.

Grand Glider Plus

Based on the Glider Plus Adjustable, the Grand is a heavy duty walker, but still lightweight.

Trionic Walker

The Trionic Wheeled Walker is designed to help users when manoeuvring outdoors, taking uneven surfaces with ease.


The Triumph folds and locks together for easy storage, and features a rest seat, a caddy with cover, a walking stick holder and a choice of frame colour.

Budget 4 Wheeled Walker

Available in 2 different colours, this aluminium walker is a budget model, but still includes adjustable height handles, a seat, and a handy storage compartment.

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