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Versa Evacuation Chair Range

Versa Evacuation Chair Range

The Versa emergency stairway evacuation chairs are available in two models – the Versa and the Versa Elite.  Both types have been carefully designed and manufactured to provide an easy, safe and dependable, one operator method of evacuating persons downstairs in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Evacuation Sheet

The Evacuation Sheet fixes to the mattress and has safety belts to hold the patient on the mattress and pulling straps at each end.

Evacuation Sledge

This evacuation aid consists of dual inner foam – a firm lower layer to ride over any floor surface or stairs, and a soft upper layer for patient comfort.

eGO Evacuation Chair

The eGO is excellent value, easy-to-use, and offers amazing stability when loading.

Saver Evacuation Chair

The Saver Evacuation Chair is a single user operation emergency evacuation chair. It glides down stairs easily and smoothly to ensure no heavy lifting or manual handling is required.

Ambulance Chair

With front and back carrying handles, the Ambulance Chair has a simple and sturdy design, and can be folded flat when not in use.

Saver Patient Chair

Ideally suited for carrying patients up and downstairs, the wheels on the Saver Patient Chair are set inside the frame for minimum width to allow use in confined spaces.

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