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AirRise260 Hoist Unit

The AirRise260 is the result of many careful refinements and meticulous attention to detail. This hoist unit is incredibly robust, sturdy, and reliable, with an impressive safe working load of 260kg.

Ardoo 140 Folding Hoist

The Ardoo Caresafe 140 is a very unique hoist and can be erected or folded in less than 40 seconds. It is a problem solver, versatile and easy to use by one carer.

Atlas 250

The Atlas 250 is a high quality, bariatric mobile lift with a weight capacity of 250 kg (39 stone).

Atlas 300

The Atlas 300 is a bariatric mobile hoist, with a safe working load of 300 kg (47 stone).


The Birdie electric mobile hoist is truly unique, due to the special folding design for ease of storage and transportation.

Birdie Compact

For those who are looking for a small mobile hoist which doesn’t compromise on user comfort or ease of use for the carer, the Birdie Compact could well be the answer.

Dipper Hoist

The Dipper is suitable for use at swimming pools, therapy pools and quayside locations.

Eva Range

The Eva lifters display a sturdy design and an aluminium construction. The lifts are strong and safe, lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and easy to keep clean.

iSwim Pool Lift

The i-Swim portable pool lift is designed to help people with reduced mobility access a swimming pool comfortably and safely.

Level Access Platform

For those who are looking for an alternative to a bath hoist for swimming or therapy pools, the level access pool entry system is the safest and easiest way to enter the water.

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