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The Deluxe sling has a very supportive leg design and a small aperture.


The FastFit sling is a particularly adaptable option for anyone needing an extra level of support.

FastFit Deluxe

This style of sling works well for longer (below knee) amputations.


This sling gives the option of hoisting in a hammocked position, but can also be used in a standard hoisting position if required.


Available with clip fixings, loop fixings, or dual fixings, the High-Easy has a unique shape which is designed to enclose the client.


This is a general use transfer sling which has the option of padding along the edge of the leg area.

LongSeat with Pommel

If the sling is only to be applied and removed on the bed, the Longseat sling with pommel is the recommended option.

Manual Transfer

This sling is designed for lifting a client by hand in difficult situations where a hoist is not accessible or appropriate.


The Posterior is also specially designed to work along with the Yorks MiniLift 125 and Yorks MiniLift 200, but offers greater support under the buttocks, as the design incorporates a ‘seat support’.

Rigid Low Convenience

This sling is similar to the Rigid Lowback model, but has less shoulder support.

Rigid Lowback

If the user is slipping through a standard toileting sling or it is cutting in under the shoulders, then the Rigid Lowback could well be the solution.

Standard Dress Toileting

This sling can be widely used for both toileting and dressing the patient. The quick-fix buckle strap gives added safety and peace of mind.


Together with the Yorks MiniLift standaid hoist, this sling provides a very gentle and comfortable natural pattern of sit to stand movement.

Universal Deluxe

The structure of this sling allows for easier application and offers good support to the hips and thighs.

Universal Straight Leg

The Universal Straight Leg sling is easy to apply thanks to the straight leg sections, and can be supplied with head support if required.

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