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Amputee Deluxe

This sling is designed to be ‘hammocked’. The leg loops feed through the green loops towards the top of the sling which helps to prevent the legs from moving apart during transfers.

Amputee Hammock

The sling is an ideal option for users with high or through hip amputations.


With extra padding for greater comfort, the Bliss has a non-slip back panel and a waist support with a quick release buckle.


The Deluxe sling has a very supportive leg design and a small aperture.


The shoulder tapes on this sling are a ‘slider’ style, meaning that when the user extends the sling moves back with them so they don’t slide down the sling.


This style of sling works well for longer (below knee) amputations.

FastFit Deluxe

This style of sling works well for longer (below knee) amputations.

Flotation Sling

The flotation sling is designed for use in swimming and therapy pools, and is designed to keep the user floating above the surface with the head above water.


With its shaped legs and curved styling, the Full-Back sling is ideal for those who are looking for a budget general transfer sling with head support.


This sling gives the option of hoisting in a hammocked position, but can also be used in a standard hoisting position if required.


Available with clip fixings, loop fixings, or dual fixings, the High-Easy has a unique shape which is designed to enclose the client.

High-Easy Amputee

This sling is suitable for clip fixing hoists, and has a commode filler to prevent the stumps falling through the commode aperture.

High-Easy Dress Toileting

This toileting sling is available with clip fixings or with dual fixings, and offers more support with a deeper back.


This is a general use transfer sling which has the option of padding along the edge of the leg area.

LongSeat with Pommel

If the sling is only to be applied and removed on the bed, the Longseat sling with pommel is the recommended option.

Manual Transfer

This sling is designed for lifting a client by hand in difficult situations where a hoist is not accessible or appropriate.

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