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Lento Care Chair

The Lento is our very own care chair, and is adjustable to fit about 80% of the population. We have been designing and developing the Lento for over 2 years, and it’s the most cost-effective and adaptable care chair on the market.

Cura Legacy Care Chair

The Cura Legacy care chair features several adjustable features to cater to the needs of almost any user.

Cura Air Chair

The Cura Air chair is an aesthetically pleasing made to measure care chair with many options in the way of pressure relief and support.



The dynamic features of the Duo chair enable it to accommodate the changing needs of the individual whilst providing excellent postural control and comfort.

ProSpec Hospital Chair

After many years of design work and engineering, we’ve created a hospital chair that never falls short…

Florien II

This cost effective tilt-in-space care chair offers incredible support and comfort for all users. Giving extra independence and postural positioning, the Florien II is a remarkable improvement on its predecessor.


The GE-II is an uncomplicated yet sophisticated dynamic tilt-in-space chair providing superior postural support, exceptional positioning and outstanding comfort and pressure management.

Infant Legacy

The Infant Legacy is a modern looking care chair specifically designed for children and small adults.

Kinder Air Chair

Fun, comfortable and inviting, the Kinder Air Chair is manufactured with children and small adults in mind.

Porta Cura

The Porta Cura a modern looking care chair, with fully adjustable seat options and a range of interchangeable back rest support options too.

The Porter Range

Designed with comfort, support and a homely appearance, the Porter chairs are available in different sizes, and have seat depth and seat rake adjustment for additional comfort and support. The waterfall back design incorporates fully adjustable fibre cushions in a vapour permeable fabric, offering maximum comfort with the flexibility to change the back support for individual users.

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