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Back Friend

The Back Friend is a lightweight, portable postural aid that can be used on almost any seat.

Back Supports

Yorkshire Care Equipment have many options in stock when it comes to back supports, including recognised brands such as ObusForme, Backfriend, Putnams, and Tempur.

Burnett Body Support Range

Burnett Body Supports are very simple to use, moulding like plasticine to form to the seating medium and client.

Dunlopillo Ring Cushion

Crafted from Dunolpreme foam, this ring-shaped cushion offers excellent comfort and support for users who have a tender posterior.

General Cushions

With many different styles, shapes, sizes and types in stock, Yorkshire Care Equipment can cater for a whole host of different scenarios.

Inserto Domino Cushion

This modular cushion is incredibly versatile and an excellent option for anyone who requires extra positioning support when seated.

Lejrelet Support Cushions

The Lejrelet range offer excellent support and comfort for individuals who are confined to their beds. The variety of cushions provide excellent pressure relief and support and blend in with most home and care environments. The range are designed to uphold hygiene standards by being coated in wipe down material.

Matchett Support Range

The Matchett support range consists of soft polystyrene bead-filled cushions, with many different shapes and sizes available.

ObusForme Back Supports

The ObusForme Highback Backrest Support transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically correct seating.

Pressure Relief Cushions

A full range of pressure relieving cushions is available for a variety of needs.

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