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Copgrove Range

The Copgrove rise and recline chair range features some of our most popular models – and with good reasons. Each item provides the best comfort and support possible to all kinds of clients.

C-Air Chair

The C-Air chair has a host of pressure care management and posture solutions blended into a chair designed with domestic styling.


With contemporary style straight arms and a neat, unfussy design, the Harrogate has a waterfall back and the option of pressure relief if required.

Tate II

The Tate II is the next generation of the Tate chair, offering comfort, support and enhanced functionality with the benefit of a double drop arm unit.


This chair also has the option of electric lift-up arms to facilitate side transfers.


The Brecon is a simple, comfortable rise and recline chair with scroll arms and a soft adjustable waterfall back.


The Cliveden is designed to last year after year, with a strong beech and birch ply frame and a top quality British action.


With elegant scroll arms, wings, and a supportive button back, the Lynton is ideal for general comfort use in a domestic setting.


The Aberdare is a straightforward electric rise and recline chair that combines support and style to offer a comfortable seating experience.


The Mayfair’s flat arm design makes it an ideal option for those who find their arm slips off a traditional scroll armrest, or for those who like a wider arm style.


With a tiered waterfall back and available in a wide range of different actions and sizes, the Rimini is available with upholstered scroll arms or wooden knuckle arms.



The Usk chair is just as comfortable as it looks. Equipped with single motor rise and recline action, this model can keep you comfier for longer.

Riser Recliner Settees

Rise and recline settees are a modern concept, with options of a rise and recline action on just one side, or both sides.

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