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Aquaflex Weighted Vaginal Cones

The Aquaflex system is the simple and effective way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and treat incontinence problems.

Classic Disposable Bed Protectors

These Bed Pads have been designed to an extremely high standard of quality. This product contains Virgin Fluff Pulp, a material purpose-built to retain many times its own weight in liquid, providing the user with complete peace of mind.  Featuring a blue polyethylene waterproof backing that shields the bed from any urinary leaks for added protection. These pads also have a diamond-shaped wicking which maximises absorbency; by spreading the liquid across the pad.  Available in a range of sizes and absorbency levels.

Classic Pad Inserts

This range offers a cost effective solution to manage light to moderate incontinence and is suitable for independent people.

Disposable Urine Bottle

These low cost disposable urine bottles are perfect for situations where incontinence is a temporary problem.

Educator Pelvic Floor Indicator

The Educator Pelvic Floor Indicator is a simple and effective method to improve pelvic floor muscle strength and eliminate incontinence problems.

Kylie Bed Pads

The Kylie bed pads offer maximum protection, absorbency and reliability in the most discreet way.

Lille Suprem Fit All-In-One Briefs

The Lille Suprem Fit All-in-One briefs offer an effective solution for managing incontinence. With a high level of absorption, this range provides the users anti leakage security and optimal comfort. They are particularly recommended for people with limited mobility or confined to bed.

Lille Suprem Form Large Shaped Pads

The Lille Suprem Form Shaped Pads offer a very effective solution for users that suffer from severe incontinence, both faecal and urinary.

PVC Incontinence Washable Pants

Incontinence pants are discreet and provide comfort and security. These reusable pants are manufactured from waterproof PVC, which is both machine and hand washable at 40 degrees.

Re-Usable Seat Pad

These attractive machine washable seat pad can be used on a chair, car seat or wheelchair. The stay dry, brushed polyester top cover and quilted absorbent layer means this pad offers a high degree of dryness and comfort.

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