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Aquaclean Mera Care Wash/Dry Toilet

The Aquaclean Mera Care shower toilet combines all the features of a conventional WC and bidet, with the comfort of warm-air drying. A simple to use shower, drying and air purifying operation makes for a cleaner and more hygienic experience that is practically hands-free.

Vitra V-Care Wash/Dry Toilet

The Vitra V-Care brings a new kind of luxury to using the toilet. This wash-dry model marries the features of a toilet and bidet so that the user can have a completely hands-free toileting experience.

Bio Bidet

The Bio Bidet takes very little installation time and can fit almost any existing toilet to provide the complete wash/dry experience. From a heated seat, to different wash setting, completely customise the Bio Bidet!

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