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The ultimate resource library for practitioners on-the-go. Designed to assist you with the everyday tasks that help clients live independently and maintain a good quality of life. Refer back here whenever you’re researching, specifying or justifying the best treatment plan for a client.

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From practical assessment tools and time-saving report templates through to detailed guides on assistive equipment. There’s something to help you with each stage of assessing and addressing a client’s individual care needs!

Support for Assessments

Resources to help and your clients to prepare for an equipment assessment. If they feel relaxed and know what to expect then everyone gets the most out of the appointment!


The step-by-step guide to virtual assessments. Find out how the video calls work, the kind of questions you’ll be asked, and what you and your clients will need.


Getting seat sizing right is critical! Learn more about the measurements you need to take and how to make them as accurate as possible.

Prescribing specialist seating

The right chair can improve a client’s posture, breathing, mobility, communication and more! But there’s a huge range of options to choose from. This can make specifying seating one of the most challenging aspects of occupational therapy.

We’ve got a range of guides and tools to help you choose the best seating option to support an individual’s care needs:


The complete guide to specialist seating assessments. Get 88 pages of seating theory, practical advice, diagrams, facts and figures.


Our justification templates list the functions and clinical benefits of different specialist seating features. Simply copy and paste into your reports for funding panels and client treatment plans.

Lento Care Chair Justification [PDF DOWNLOAD]

Rise & Recline Chair Justification [PDF DOWNLOAD]

ProSpec Hospital Chair Justification [PDF DOWNLOAD]


Seating specifications must be tailored to the user’s needs to deliver person-centred care. Our prescription checklists help determine when specialist seating is needed and what features your client needs in a chair.

Lento Care Chair Prescription Form [PDF DOWNLOAD]

Riser Recliner Chair Prescription Form [PDF DOWNLOAD]

The Hierarchy of Provision for Specialist Seating

Moving & Handling Advice

Moving and handling is probably the topic we get the most questions about. Every care facility has its own lifting policy. Plus, OTs must consider the needs of the carer as well as the client when making recommendations. Especially if the client is being cared for at home by a relative!

Here are some training resources and best practices we’ve learnt over the years for different moving and handling scenarios:


Watch workshops, seminars and talks from industry experts. Learn about different moving and handling techniques and how to combat challenges.


When someone first becomes a carer, there’s lots to learn about moving and handling. This guide covers all the basics they will need to consider. Feel free to share with your clients!

Moving and Handling Resources Banner


In the UK, six falls are reported every minute among people aged 65+. But there are lots of boxes to tick for risk assessments and moving & handling policies.

Use this template to speed things up and help you secure funding!

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