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Free training & support for healthcare professionals

We provide online and in-person training for care practitioners. Continue your professional development without worrying about the cost. All of our sessions focus on enhancing quality of care and quality of life.

Keep up with the latest best practices for specifying and using care equipment.

Training and Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

Join our in-house specialists and expert guest speakers for a live webinar every month. We cover topics from specialist seating and promoting independence through to fall assistance and infection prevention. Each session is 1-hour long and runs via Zoom.

Coming soon!

Please keep visiting this page, our next webinar event will be announced and open for bookings before the end of October 2021.

Previous Webinars


Myth-Busting Manual Handling

A free webinar providing training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals who move and assist patients or who support staff (and formal and informal carers) to carry out moving and handling tasks.

Why watch back?

  • Inspiring and experienced guest speaker: The session will be presented by Simon Love, Chairman and Advanced Member of the National Back Exchange, Chartered Physiotherapist and Moving and Handling Practitioner.
  • Get the latest up-to-date manual handling advice: The presentation will be updated with the latest evidence from sessions at the National Back Exchange conference in late September 2021.
  • Improve your own manual handling techniques, as well as formal and informal carers you support: Increase your knowledge and competence in manual handling of patients, which will in turn help you to help others.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

  • A look at the current research into the management of back pain
  • An understanding of the dangers of giving the wrong messages and the potential consequences for carers
  • The responsibilities for health care professionals to use evidence to influence practice
  • Some positive messages to help carers to maintain their health and to work smartly and efficiently
  • Live Q&A.


How to Specify and Justify Motorised Functions on Power Wheelchairs

A free webinar for healthcare professionals working with clients who use powered wheelchairs.

Why watch back?

  • Guest speaker: Hear from product specialist Pete Jones, from the largest manufacturer of powered wheelchairs in the world.
  • Animations bring it to life: Watch animations of different functions, and how they can help in every day life.
  • Tips to specify and justify decisions: Learn how to specify and write justifications for powered functions on electric wheelchairs.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the types of powered adjustments which are available on power wheelchairs, including tilt-in-space, backrest recline, seat elevation, legrest elevation, and other functions
  • Find out more about anterior tilt – a unique function – what it does, and why it’s important
  • Explore the clinical and social benefits of each of the features, and why you would use them
  • Discover hints and tips on how and when to specify these functions, and how to justify your decisions
  • Live Q&A.


The Role of Heat & Moisture in Skin Health in Seating

A free webinar looking at how heat and moisture can affect skin health in seating, with an exclusive look at the JAY Balance Cryo cushion!

Why watch back?

  • Guest speaker: Hear from experienced Occupational Therapist Faith Brown.
  • Learn the science behind skin care: Gain a greater understanding on the causes and effects of heat and moisture whilst sitting.
  • Discover solutions: Learn about specialist cushions and how they can help.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

  • The importance of skin health in seating.
  • How we account for skin health in seating assessments and with other equipment.
  • Skin microclimates and maintaining skin health with special guest speaker Faith Brown, OT.
  • An introduction to the JAY Balance Cryo cushion!
  • Live Q&A.


Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Webinar (including an overview of activity chairs)

A free webinar providing training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals working with clients living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Why watch back?

  • Guest speaker: Hear from Patrick Burke, who lives with MS.
  • See a live demonstration: Guest speaker Chris Marshall provided a live demonstration of activity chairs and how they can help.
  • Learn the science behind MS: Gain a greater understanding on the causes and symptoms of MS.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • The stages and causes of MS
    • Visible and hidden effects of the disease
    • How to address MS effects when assessing
    • An overview of VELA activity chairs and how they can promote independence in the home
    • A discussion from Patrick (who lives with MS) of the daily challenges he faces and how to overcome them
    • Live Q&A.


Specialist Seating Webinar 2 – Posture & the Pelvis (including a revolutionary new product launch!)

A free webinar providing training and support for occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals working with clients who require specialist seating.

Why watch back?

  • New product launch: This webinar was the official launch of a new chair that’s never been seen in the world before!
  • Speakers: Session delivered by Ben Stirling, a trained Specialist Seating Assessor, and George Hulbert, a seating advisor with 15 years’ seating experience.
  • Practical and theory knowledge: Discover all about the pelvis, the impact it has on posture, and how you can assess pelvic positioning.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • The importance of the pelvis in seating
    • Practical tips on how to assess pelvic positioning
    • An overview of each of the common postural abnormalities
    • Possible causes of postural and pelvic issues
    • Ideas for solutions to correct or support an abnormal posture
    • A live session showing a brand new seating concept and how to adjust and use it
    • Live Q&A.


Using Specialist Seating to Reach Client Goals: How, When & Why to Specify

A free training webinar to support occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals in specifying seating solutions that meet clients’ care needs and help them reach their goals.

Why watch back?

  • Speaker: Session delivered by Ben Stirling, a trained Specialist Seating Assessor.
  • Live demonstration: Learn how to take accurate measurements and size a chair to get the perfect fit for your client.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • Understanding the risk factors associated with inadequate seating for older people and people with disabilities.
    • The hierarchy of provision for specialist seating – when is intervention needed?
    • Best practices and advice for carrying out seat sizing assessments. Includes a live demonstration on how to properly size a care chair!
    • Why is a holistic approach to specifying seating important?
    • Tips for tailoring specifications to individual clients.
    • Beyond postural management & pressure care – the overall impact of seating on health and quality of life.
    • Benefits of using adjustable chairs to achieve clients’ short and long-term goals.
    • Live Q&A.


Falls & Hip Fractures Webinar: Top Tips for Recovery & Prevention

Training and support for occupational therapists, physios, and other healthcare professionals working with clients who have been affected by or are vulnerable to falls.

Why watch back?

  • International guest speaker: Broaden your horizons with an overseas specialist joining us live!
  • Live demonstration: A mix of presentations, discussions and an exclusive live product demonstration offers learning with inspiration.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • Overview of the significance of falls in the UK to both individuals and the NHS.
    • Understanding the different types of hip fractures and their severity.
    • Exploring preventative measures that can be taken to tackle falls around the home.
    •  An introduction to a brand new revolutionary falls protection device, the first of its kind! This event will be the official launch of the product in the UK.
    • A live demonstration of the new device.
    • Sharing of results from studies carried out by the University of Grenoble in the French Alps.
    • Live Q&A.


Understanding Long COVID: Managing Client Symptoms & Supporting Recovery

Exploring how occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals can support their clients living with long COVID.


  • Rachel Wilson BHSc (Hons) OT MSc, Independent Occupational Therapist at RWOT.
  • Padraig Finn, Physiotherapist at Yorkshire Care Equipment.

Topics Covered & Learning Objectives:

    • Review the prevalence of long COVID in the UK.
    • Understand common symptoms and how long COVID presents in individual cases.
    • What impact is long COVID having on people?
    • Consideration and application of interventions historically used in the management of Chronic Fatigue.
    • Current best practices and advice for treating clients.
    • Specifying equipment based on a client’s symptoms to support management, rehabilitation, and recovery.
    • Live Q&A.


Product Training

Get a personal training session from one of our equipment specialists.

We offer free demonstrations for our Lento care chair, ProSpec hospital chair, and Raizer falls lifting chair ranges. Learn more about the features, functions, and how to use specialist equipment to maximise benefits for users and caregivers.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll tailor the session to suit your needs. Available via video call or on-site.

Product Demos and Equipment Training


YORTRAIN GOLD was our annual training day for Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals.

It was an action-packed event full of inspirational talks, training sessions, networking, and opportunities to get hands-on with care equipment.

Our ongoing webinars and product training let us take everything great about YORTRAIN GOLD and offer it nationwide, all year round!

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