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YORTRAIN Private OT & Case Manager Conference 2017

We’re always happy to see our events grow in popularity, and year upon year, our YORTRAIN Private OT and Case Managers Conference is doing just that. Although smaller than our YORTRAIN GOLD event (which will return later this year!), this conference looked specifically at the issues faced by case managers and independent OTs. Our 2017 conference was held on April 25th at Wetherby Racecourse, and (other than the room being a bit arctic in the morning) we think it went great!

The agenda was packed full of informative talks and product demonstration, allowing our delegates to focus on a variety of things. Whether it was marketing tips or wetroom adaptations, we tried to cover every base that an occupational therapist or case managers could ever come across. We also had our first ever exhibitors – Virtual Administration, who specialise in providing a personal assistant service to independent OTs and case managers alike.

We kicked off the day with a talk from our very own Ramsey Hulbert. Ramsey took a look at mobility assessments and solutions, and explored a few pieces of equipment that can provide users with a range of support. From assessing the range of movement through to the Mount‘n Mover wheelchair accessory, Ramsey gave us a comprehensive overview on what to be looking out for when specifying an electric wheelchair.

We then moved on to what was one of the most popular talks of the day from Jonny Ross at He sparked a lot of conversation (probably more than he anticipated) with his talk on marketing tips, eliciting some very impassioned discussions about the relationship between private OTs and case managers. Jonny talked to the crowd about the importance of understanding your audience and utilising LinkedIn as a valuable resource. Needless to say, the attendees were certainly intrigued by his insight and expertise.

The conference then ventured back into the realm of healthcare with a presentation from Innova’s hoisting specialist, Bob Oliver. He talked us through the various benefits of ceiling hoists, as well as the different ones available. Bob also showed us some of the ceiling hoists that Innova have fitted for individual clients, displaying the sheer variety and flexibility offered by an overhead hoisting system. He also ran the delegates through a checklist designed to help case managers and OTs understand how he specifies hoisting systems, providing invaluable knowledge on the topic.

After a delicious lunch (in which we miraculously managed to warm up the conference room), we sat down again for another chat with an Innova team member – Joe Hulbert. As a beds and mattresses expert and pressure care specialist, Joe works closely with hospices and hospitals to ensure that they are getting the best pressure care solutions available. Arguably, he elicited the most ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from our delegates we he showed us the Liberta bed. The attendees were taken by the mesh side panels, as well as the Somlent Genius mattress.

Next up, Janet Stowe gave the audience some particularly useful tips on writing Medico Legal reports as an expert witness. Repeating her mantra of “only do what you’ve been asked to do,” Janet walked us through the basics of writing a good report and knowing what to look for. Janet is often approached to be an expert witness for court cases and such. She told us about one particularly amusing case where she refused to verify that a man was blind, and the last she heard of him, he was building Yorkshire stone walls!

After a brief refreshment break, our man Ramsey took to the stage again to take us on a whistle-stop tour of how to specify a bathroom; from questions to ask, through to positioning of items, we went on the whole journey with him!

Our final guest speaker of the day was Jane Field, a Senior Children’s Physiotherapist. Jane talked us through the various and numerous benefits of hydrotherapy. Openly admitting that it is an expensive treatment, Jane explained how and why hydrotherapy works on even the most complex cases. She covered the cardiovascular, renal, and respiratory effects, as well as how hydrotherapy can promote pain reduction. Jane also shared with us how much the kids she works with love it when their carers go under the ‘rain cloud’ feature of the pool, which absolutely soaks them through! Indeed, hydrotherapy seems to be worth its weight in gold when it comes to rehabilitation.

The last speaker of the day was our very own physiotherapist and assessor, Padraig. Due to some timing issues, poor Padraig had to whizz through his demonstration of the innovative Inserto Domino cushion – a modular piece of kit that can be altered to be completely bespoke to every user. He showed us the different configurations for wind-sweeping, abduction, adduction, posterior pelvic tilt, pelvis obliquity, pelvis rotation, and asymmetry due to pelvis rotation.

And with that, our YORTRAIN Private OT and Case Managers Conference came to a close for another year. Once again, we’d like to thank all those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did! We’ve read through all your feedback and have already planned actions to improve next year’s event. Perhaps another radiator or two?

For those of you who are wanting to look through the presentation slides or are wanting further information from the day, you should have received your information pack via email. If not, please get in touch with us and we’ll sort it out for you.


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